All Girls Trip – Why Should Boys Have All The Fun!


“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd, but the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places where no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein

A great thought on traveling woman by a great man. With International Women’s Day gone, a reminder to all the beings on this planet that in this century, women are equal to men and she need not follow the footsteps laid out for her, she is smart enough to create her own path and reach the zenith. Talking of women, especially with travel enthusiasm (like me) and the vacation time coming soon, reminded me of the all girls trip I took some time back. An all-girls trip is all about fun and no stress and most importantly, no boys. Continue reading “All Girls Trip – Why Should Boys Have All The Fun!”

Beginners Blogging Tips – Why, What, Where, How?

beginners blogging tipsAfter the decision to start a new blog, there comes a few questions what, where & how? So, here I come you great people to help you decide on why, what, where & how to blog questions with this post – Beginners Blogging Tips. The why part is already covered in 10 reasons to start blog, I posted earlier.

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Beginners Blogging Tips – The four questions

Why to Blog?

Well, it seems you haven’t read the 10 Reasons to Blog post. Have a look at it and come back to this post then.

What to Blog?

You must pick a topic. Remember that you need to deep dive into the thoughts before you finalize. It can be related to the work you do, the things that you like, etc.

For example:
If you are a software engineer with Microsoft Sharepoint, you can start a blog talking all about Microsoft sharepoint, it may contain tutorials, how to, resolutions common problems, etc.

If you are a housewife, you can write about kitchen tips, house hold work, cleaning, reading, writing (yes!), computer, kids or anything that a housewife can think of.

If you are a gamer, you can share the tips and news about the games that you like and you enjoy. You can share the game settings problems that people talk about or anything else related to game (but legal).

If you are a fitness freak, share the tips about exercises, diet plans, workout or any damn thing you like to talk or share about.

If you are a traveler or love travelling, talk about it. Share the great places you visited, the pictures you clicked, the hotel you stayed in, the food you loved, the places you recommend and on and on.

At first, the thought may come that you can do all of the above. True. But think for a longer term passion – choose the topic that you do most, you like the most. Because, if a gym trainer (fitness freak) starts writing about games, he may not be able to maintain it for long. Unless, if he really loves gaming. Certainly, every person like to play or has played sometimes in thier life. But that doesn’t mean they are passionate about it.

Where to Blog?

Choosing the right “where” is utmost important. Essentially, you need to have a domain & a webhost to host your domain. This is where you will have your blog hosted. Domain name plays an important role to. The domain name, related to your topic is better. However, people create any domain name sometimes their own name, or even a funny name. You need to check its availability before you can book it.

If someone is providing you the hosting for unbelievably low prices, ensure to cross check their brand in reviews on internet. Sometimes, they load their servers with lot of websites making each of them slower. My blog used to load very slow on a domain hosting company, but it is much better when I moved to Hostgator.

There are some free services like where you can create blogs free of cost but you have their blog url in yours and you may not have full control on assets, settings. Since, today, the hosting is available for so cheap prices, it is a good idea to start one of your own. Some sites like allows you to host with a premium service where you can have your own blog URL.

So, scan through multiple options using reviews before you finalize.

If you want help, please feel free to contact me – I would love to help, FREE of cost! You put a comment below to contact me.

Why would I do the free help?
The help won’t be free (you are not paying me directly. It works like this: You buy the hosting package through the links here – Hostgator or Bluehost and through the same standard amount that you any which ways pay to the company, I will get a small commission and I would treat it as a fees from your side. So go ahead, signup through the links I provided above and get my free service.

How to Blog?

Many blog publishing platform are available today. If you are on a PHP (Linux) environment, you can blindly go with choosing WordPress. If you are on a .Net (Windows) environment, you can go with MojoPortal (this is the one I used for my .net blog earlier).

Note that the Windows hosting environment can also run WordPress, as it supports PHP but Linux wouldn’t support .net (at least that’s what I know).

So, how you do it – with WordPress it’s very simple! You just need to have the wordpress installed and you are ready to publish the posts! WordPress has a huge forum and many plugins to help you find one to suit your need. You just need to think of a functionality search it on internet and you will find a plugin supporting that! Litreally, try it. Comment below if there is something you did not find, I and the readers of this blog would like to know in that case. At the same time there are lots of themes available to customize and a great support forum – you ask a question and many people are ready to help you free of cost.

If you need any help setting up the WordPress on your host or whatsoever, put a comment here and I would be glad to assist FREE OF CHARGE! Check my post on Quick Tips to improve WordPress site PageSpeed

The other CMS tool to publish blog you can use is MojoPortal. Joe is a great guy investing his time for the betterment of this tool. So, .net lovers can just jump into MojoPortal. It becomes easier for the developers who are .net specialized to extend it to customize according to their needs.

Some other popular blog publishing tool are Joomla, Drupal – But I have never used it so can’t comment.

I hope these blogging tips for beginners help you find the answers to your why, what, how & where. If anything is missed out, please feel free to get in touch.

Again, if you have any issues taking a decision or problems installing WordPress or difficulties in finding a Host or choosing a domain name, simply comment below and I shall I get back at no cost.

10 Reasons to Blog – Why Should I Blog?

Why should I blog? - 10 reasons to blogOut of the many reasons, I believe these are the most important reasons to start your own blog. So, read out the 10 reasons to blog help you decide on starting a new blog.

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10 Reasons To Blog

  1. Share & Gain Knowledge that you have
    It is said that knowledge increases when share. So, put the best of you in the blog pages and share the knowledge with the world. Provide feedback options through comments or contact form so you know what people are talking about.
  2. Keep yourself busy
    We sometimes don’t realize that we have an ample of time that we waste in non-productive things. This time can be actually utilized to blog for many good reasons, we are discussing some here.
  3. Make Money online
    The best reason to blog is to make money online. You do not only gain knowledge while sharing you also earn money online with blogging. You can make money by some ad networks placed on your blog pages, through affiliate links, etc. It is a vast concept and I would be soon writing my thoughts on this. Read about my first earning in the post My First Google AdSense Cheque

  4. Keep yourself updated
    When you are maintaining a blog, you keep yourself updated with the current trends, technology and happenings around you. When you write about a specific technology for example you will get comments or feedback in other forms that would help you reach to the latest thoughts on that topic.
  5. Connect with people with similar interests as yours
    Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting a blog can help you find those people and share your opinions and thoughts.
  6. Earning a reputation
    Blogs are wonderful tools to help bloggers establish themselves as experts in a field or topic. For example, if you’re trying to get a job in a specific field or hoping to publish a book on a specific topic, blogging can help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform.
  7. Change Perception
    Blogging helps you put your own thoughts in front of the public. It acts as an appeal to prove something with sufficient information to change the people’s perception.
  8. Marketing or promotion
    Blogging is a great way to market your product or service highlighting the benefits and offers while you keep others informed about the products or related topics.
  9. Just for Fun
    Some people take blogging like a hobby. They enjoy writing irrespective of whether they are earning or not. This is their creativity. You can start writing blogs for fun if you passion to do it.
  10. Achievement in itself
    Seeing people responding to your thoughts, debating or making a difference in people’s thoughts you feel something achieved. The analytics of the blog become your crown.

With all that being said, have a look at the Beginners Blogging Tips post to help you give basic tips for starting your own blog! You might also be interested in Improving PageSpeed of your blog once you have it setup.

I can help you install WordPress and basic necessary configuration for your blog like essential plugins, social setup, pingbacks, etc free of cost.

Why would I do the free help?
The help won’t be free (you are not paying me directly. It works like this: You buy the hosting package through the links here – Hostgator or Bluehost and through the same standard amount that you any which ways pay to the company, I will get a small commission and I would treat it as a fees from your side. So go ahead, signup through the links I provided above and get my free service.

Purchase negotiation

purchase negotiation

Well! Let’s begin with the definition of purchase.

What is purchase?

Purchase deals with the getting resources for an organization to achieve its objectives. Now you already now what negotiation is. So what is Purchase negotiation? Getting the resources for an organization at a right quantity, at right price, at a right time. Let me put it this way, you go to the market to buy some stuffs for your birthday decoration and gave you Rs 500 /- for the commodities to buy it from the market. Continue reading “Purchase negotiation”

EPF Passbook Download Steps, Check ePF Balance

EPF Passbook DownloadI myself had to struggle to download EPF passbook. So consolidating the steps to help you download EPF e passbook along with finding your account information step-by-step on member portal. I have already elaborated in my previous article about EPF passbook online . Now, let’s find out the step-by-step procedure here to download the same. I have added Live screenshots from the member portal site so that you can visually understand the procedure to download online EPF e Passbook. Once you download the EPF ePassbook, you can check the balance in the downloaded EPF Passbook.

Steps to Download EPF Passbook

  1. Go to
  2. On the right side, you will see LOGIN box. Choose your document in the drop down and provide the number in the next text box. e.g. If you choose Pan Card, provide your pan card id in the text box.epf passbook step1 login
  3. Click Sign in
  4. On successful login, you will see the homepage of the site for EPF ePassbook. Now goto (you can’t go here directly unless you are logged in)epf passbook step2 download epf passbook
  5. On Download Member Passbook page, choose your state.
    epf passbook step3 select state
  6. Click on your City. You will be taken to the member portal.
    epf passbook step4 select city
  7. Here, enter your account number. Account number can be found out in your Payslip (PF number in payslip). If you don’t find this information in payslip, you can contact your company’s finance department to help you find the same. It is usually statecode/Establishmentcode/PFAccountNumber.
    epf passbook step5 enter account number
  8. You will need to Enter your account number in the given boxes. The first two boxes are updated upon your selection of state and city. The third box is for establishment code (remove leading or trailing zero in the number). You can ignore the fourth box which is for extension. Then in the last box, mention your account number.
  9. Type the captcha code (as you see in the image) for human verification in the next box below.
  10. Click GET PIN.
  11. Wait for a SMS in your mobile. Don’t close the window nor navigate away until you get the PIN (otherwise you need to repeat the same process). Once you get it, tick the option box “I Agree check box” & enter the PIN in authorization pin box below it.
    epf passbook step6 enter authorization pin
  12. Click Get Detail and you should be able to download EPF e Passbook now if you entered correct information and followed the steps correctly.
    epf passbook step7 download pdf

Sample EPF Passbook

sample epf e passbook

The online EPF e Passbook is available to download in PDF format. So you may need Adobe Reader to view the Passbook.

If you have any questions regarding the EPF Passbook, ask them in the comments section below.

Hope you find this helpful.