All Girls Trip – Why Should Boys Have All The Fun!


“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd, but the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places where no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein

A great thought on traveling woman by a great man. With International Women’s Day gone, a reminder to all the beings on this planet that in this century, women are equal to men and she need not follow the footsteps laid out for her, she is smart enough to create her own path and reach the zenith. Talking of women, especially with travel enthusiasm (like me) and the vacation time coming soon, reminded me of the all girls trip I took some time back. An all-girls trip is all about fun and no stress and most importantly, no boys.

Upgrading the fairer sex has given an edge over men when it comes to all-girls trip. The trip with only girls means a lot of girl bonding; it’s like food for soul. Sharing heart to heart with someone is energizing and empowering and gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction and trust, research also shows that it keeps women healthier. No wonder we enjoy the slumber parties, kitty parties and ladies night and still look healthy and beautiful.

An all-girls trip with oodles of bonding will surely take out the best in the friendship. Being a girl, I can very well relate and give out the positive sides of an all-girls trip like talking your heart out to glory well past midnight, loads of girl talk without anyone eavesdropping, shop till you drop without any one waiting behind your back, getting into the outfits that have stayed locked in the bed box for ages, self-pampering and most importantly, having just ‘me-time’ on the to-do list.

Planning the all girls trip

During my first all girls trip, everything was so haphazard that we spent most of the time planning the pre-trip duties rather than the actual trip. So here I am helping my female travelers to keep in mind few pointers so that you can enjoy with your BFFs to the fullest during your all girls trip.

Decide on the day: Keeping everyone’s convenience and availability in mind, decide on days/weekend. We do not want to leave our BFFs behind.

Decide on the location: Chose wisely – easily approachable, shouldn’t be too far away from home in case of any emergency. Be aware of the off-seasons or peak seasons of the locations you chose. You don’t want to get stuck on a beach in monsoons.

Budget: plan out and decide on a budget agreeable with everyone so that you take complete advantage of your trip without ripping your pockets.

Accommodation: Book a hotel well in advance because in peak seasons, the hotel reservations are really tough and you don’t want to spend your day searching for a place to stay. We usually end up paying bomb on hotels and lodges when planning a trip, to avoid this – look out for different sources that can give you discounts on hotel  booking or vacation packages in peak seasons – makes your trip even more fun with all the luxury around.

Itinerary: Book your travel tickets so as to avoid last minute rush as trains get full and flights get expensive during the holiday season.

Events: I feel that spontaneous exploring is more fun than a planned rush, however make a list of few major places you wish to see and things you want to do so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Other key points: Keep all the vital phone numbers on speed dial. Travel light as far as possible. Carry water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and a medicine bag with common meds to prevent local flu. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen/warm clothes according to the climate.

Lastly, with all the women power, make your all girls trip memorable with all your girlfriends and remember that it’s all about you because you’re worth it!!

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