Kayaking in Seattle – A well spent Sunday afternoon!

It was Sunday morning and I would have given up on Kayaking that weekend unless a friend had pinged me and asked me about my Sunday afternoon plans. We were only discussing and the plan which had almost sunk in the South Lake Union of Seattle actually began to float! We decided that we meet at South Lake Union for kayaking in an hour! Needless to say that I got super excited!

The canceled plan of Kayaking due to wrong weather forecast on Saturday, actually made my and my friend’s Sunday afternoon better than was previously thought!

Kayaking is a good exercise mixed with awesome fun. You can choose to kayak by yourself or have a partner along with you. Although we were two, we chose to rent out two single kayaks. Continue reading “Kayaking in Seattle – A well spent Sunday afternoon!”

Monetize YouTube Videos

Did you know that the videos you are uploading to YouTube can actually pay you? Yes, with YouTube’s earning program, you can actually make money! All you need to do is enable monetize YouTube videos.

How can you start earning with YouTube?

Once you have uploaded videos, you can monetize your videos by having an approved AdSense account. At certain point it will ask you to connect the AdSense account with YouTube. Once this is done, you have enabled the AdSense on YouTube. Next step is to choose videos that can are eligible for money making.

Go to your video manager console and choose the videos that you think are eligible. Once you have chosen the videos to monetize they will get submitted for review.

How does monetized videos work?

After all the above process, whenever your videos are viewed by YouTube viewer s, the ads are displayed on the video or around it. And whenever user clicks on it OR for some 1000 impressions, you get paid. The earnings or the traffic report can be monitored in YouTube’s admin console.

Learn how to make interesting videos that can make you more money.

Making Viral Videos to Improve Monetization

After enabling your YouTube account for monetizing your video, you should concentrate on making interesting videos that can virally spread over internet through social media. Monetizing Videos is discussed in our previous article.

Tips for making Viral Videos

Keep the videos short length, small video. Short videos are most viewed videos than longer ones. And are virally spread through social media if they are interesting.

  1. Don’t waste viewers’ time by showing them your or your company’s name or any other credits in the beginning. All such things should go to the end or in a way that doesn’t consumes viewers time. It should immediately focus on the subject. This helps keeping them engaged.I love some music cover singers on YouTube and I have noticed that I, as a user, listen to the ones who don’t talk before and after the music and keep it simple. A lot of them talk about subscribing, clicking their links in description or about their own brand which is annoying when someone just wants to listen the music break-free.
  2. Usually funny short length videos attract users and they spread virally. Such videos are either about your pets sleeping, doing some funny act. This type is applicable on children also. People like to view such videos and it’s easy to share with family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  3. Other videos like help videos or tutorial videos are often searched on YouTube. Such videos include help on installing/uninstalling a software, replacing a flat tire wheel, etc.

Example of an Interesting (Funny) Video

This is the best example of a short length video which is funny, solely owned & no piracy content and gets easily popular through social media like Facebook.

Google Keyword Tool – Keywordize Blog

You have all the content well written, tags are well in place, right images have been used and everything seems to be in order but wondering why still the post is not getting enough exposure to the lord of search engines – Google! This happens when you have not used right keywords in your post that Google or any other search engine can catch and show it in the search results for the given keywords. Google Keyword Tool is your next step then to keywordize your blog. Continue reading “Google Keyword Tool – Keywordize Blog”

Improve WordPress site PageSpeed in Simple Steps

Site PageSpeed is one of the important factors for better traffic not only for SEO but for a better user engagement experience. Use the following quick and simple steps to improve WordPress site PageSpeed.

Working on using the right keywords is also important. Today, quality is most important than anything else. However, filling the gaps as much as possible to make your blog perfect will always help. Quality content can be built with using the right keywords that people are generally using to search information or which comes handy to them.

Install a Caching Plugin

The plugin W3 Total Cache caches and compresses files to reduce page download time. I have seen great improvements in the page load time in the Google’s PageSpeed Tool.

Modify your site’s .htaccess File

Login to your site’s file manager and edit .htaccess file (backup the file first!). Then copy the below code and paste in the top of the .htaccess file. This is to improve on Leverage Browser Caching PageSpeed factor.


# Enable expirations
ExpiresActive On

# Set default expire time
ExpiresDefault “access 2 week”

# Specify expire time by file type
ExpiresByType image/jpg “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType image/jpeg “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType image/gif “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType image/png “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/css “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/pdf “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType image/x-icon “access 1 month”


Use Asynchronous Code for AdSense

I use WP Insert for inserting ads on the pages, it helps me manage the ads easily from time to time. Ensure that you are using Asynchronous AdSense Code.

To get the Asynchronous AdSense Code, goto your Google AdSense Account, My Ads then click on Get Code for the Ad of your choice. In the overlay popup, click the dropdown and select Asynchronous as shown below. Currently they are in BETA phase, but it works well on my website. Copy this code and paste it either in WP Insert or whatever plugin you use for AdSense or directly on the page as per your convenience.

asynchronous adsense configuration

Use Asynchronous Code for Social Plugins

Social plugins add a lot of overhead of Javascript and CSS contributing in more load time of the pages. Using asynchronous plugin like Async Social Sharing may help you reduce the overall load time of the page of your WordPress site.

To improve the PageSpeed for the factor Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, you will need to ensure that the Javascript and CSS are not blocking the page load meaning the rendering of the page is not blocked while these asset files are loading. The solution to this is to move the JS and CSS files towards the footer of the page so that they load after above-the-fold content is loaded. Above-the-fold content means the content that is present in the viewport (which is not below the visible screen). I have added Footer Javascript Plugin for the same.

Compress Image with Smush.It Plugin

The images can be compressed without losing (visible) quality using the plugin like Smush.It. To smush already uploaded images, Go to Media >> Bulk Smush.it. It takes couple of mins depending upon number of images your site has in the media library but it compresses the images contributing in better PageSpeed.

Lazy Loading of Images

Lazy loading of images can significantly improve in user experience. It loads the images as they appear in the viewport. This means that the images which are not visible in the current screen are downloaded when the user scrolls down to that area of your page. You may use JQuery Image Lazy Load Plugin for this.

Minify CSS / JS

If you have any custom CSS or JS of your own, you can first minify using online tools then upload it to your WordPress site.

That’s all! Now check your site’s PageSpeed Insights and let me know if you got any improvement.

Interesting Links

Remove Qvo6 Unwanted Default URL from IE Chrome Mozilla browser

I struggled to remove unwanted default URL qvo6.com from my default page when any of IE, Chrome or Mozilla browsers were opened. Many sites talked about getting rid of software like Office Desk 365, etc. However, I already had uninstalled that software and still was unable to get rid of Qvo6.com from the browsers.

I also tried to check config settings 100 times but nothing was working in favor of removing Qvo6.com.

If you have also tried in the settings pane of Chrome, IE or Mozilla browsers already, try the following steps to quickly get rid of qvo6.com.

I have updated the post to include removal of the crappy bug from tiles on start menu screen of Windows 8.

Remove the shortcut

If you have shortcuts in your taskbar, simply remove it. If you want the shortcut to be present in taskbar, add a new one.

Edit the shortcut properties

If you have the shortcut on desktop, right click the icon and select Properties. Then from the Target field, remove the additional URL that is appended e.g. http://www.qvo6.com. This will get rid of the ugly url immediately. You can add this shortcut in your taskbar by dragging the icon on taskbar. This is shown in the image below.

edit properties of program

removing unwanted default url in browser

As you see in the screenshot above, ensure that there is nothing in the Target field after the ending double quotes.

Add shortcut on Taskbar or Desktop

To add the shortcut back on Taskbar or Desktop, simply find the exe program (like C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe, etc) in Program Files, select and right click on the exe file, then in the right click menu, click Copy. Now go to the desktop, right click in an empty area and click Paste Shortcut.

Further you can move this shortcut to taskbar by dragging.

In Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can simply open the program and then in taskbar right click the icon and select Pin this program to taskbar.

pin IE program to taskbar

Remove Qvo6 from Start Screen Tile of Windows 8

Open the Start Menu by pressing “Windows” button on your keyboard or click/tap in the left bottom of your Windows screen.

Navigate to the browser icon in the Start screen of Windows 8 and right click on it. You will see some options at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Click/tap on “Open the file location”. Once the file location is opened, do the same exercise of editing the properties and removing the unwanted part as discussed in the earlier part of this post.

If that doesn’t help, open the file location first keep it aside for a while and in the meantime go to start again, right click the icon and unpin from task bar and start menu. Then edit the properties. Once the properties have been edited, re-add to your start screen or task bar (just how you had removed it).

unpin windows8 tile start menu taskbar

remove Qvo6 windows8 tile

Hope that helps?

This will help you remove Qvo6 from your browsers. If you have any problems, put a comment below.

Enhance Smartphone Battery Life

Many of us wonder how he/she can use the power of their smart phone battery in a most efficient way. We come across many situations wherein we require the phone should power on for at least 10 – 12 hours once it has been charged to 100 %. Once in the morning I had to rush for the interview. Well I had to locate the place so I could manage to open the Google map. My bad luck was my smart phone charged up to 13% only. Now all I had to manage is to use my phone in the most efficient way. Unfortunately i had to use my cell phone in the most critical situation. This is how I could manage to use my cell phone battery to the fullest. Continue reading “Enhance Smartphone Battery Life”

First Google AdSense Cheque

Finally, the day has arrived when I received my First Google AdSense Cheque! Before we go to the amount I received, I would start with my blogging journey so far.


In 2007, I thought of running my own website which would have tips on everything. May it be buying a computer, mobile, television, resolving programming issues, finance, health and all possible domains where users typically look for tips. I wanted to have it like a tips hub (wow the name sounds cool, but that domain is already taken 😉 ) where users can just land up and find everything.

The Past Journey

So I began with a domain easytipsandtricks.com. I started putting content in flat files without using a CMS. All updates happened manually. I was still not aware of the terms like SEO, CMS, Page Rank, Monetisation, etc. It was a pure social service thought as I never had idea that I can actually make money online when doing the social service.

I later found out that there are various CMS available for free to maintain your website. Easytipsandtricks.com was then updated with a .Net CMS known as mojoportal. It had quite a lot of useful functionalities which reduce the burden of a webmaster including SEO. It was a good CMS with a limited support.

It went on for a couple of years and then in 2012 I decided to host Easytipsandtricks with WordPress. WordPress statistics say that over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013 on Internet are WordPress managed; which is a huge number and it is still counting! Why would not it be so popular. It is made in such a cool way that you can manage the content, the administration, migration, etc. so easily.

With the WordPress decision to host, it became so easy to update the website from anywhere. That was not enough; for every feature that I could think of was found in plugins like SEO, social plugin, contact forms, etc. There are hell lot of themes available to just install and activate! It made my life so easy without having to bother about the code and programming.

During this phase, I learned that one of a very common mistake I did was having a stop keyword in my domain name easytipsandtricks. It certainly matters for a new baby website that needs to compete with already doing well websites on the Internet.

So I came up with Tipscow as a new short domain name that is easy to remember and is quite unique.

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Tipscow Journey

Tipscow.com was booked in February 2013 with WordPress as its CMS. Before this I had gained enough knowledge on SEO to at least target a few keywords. And it was pretty simple to migrate the content from older domain easytipsandtricks.com to the new domain Tipscow.com.

All these years I had earned only about 50 dollars in my Google AdSense account (that was approved mid September 2008).

Going forward with Tipscow as a domain name and applying various SEO techniques, curating content, backlinking, sharing, etc. My website started gaining popularity from March 2013. It added another 50 dollars in my account in just 6 months. Below are the spikes and curves of my earning.

From Sep 2008 to Jan 2013, my earnings were around $50. While from February 2013 to 23rd July 2013 it is $50. So what I earned in 6 months is equivalent to the earnings in 4.5 years! Refer the statistics below.

Webhosting Companies I Used and Prefer

I started with hosting on a local company in India. While it went good intially, I started facing problems later with their lack of proper support.

That’s when I decided to move to Godaddy. However, in a couple of months, I noticed that the site speed was not that good and that I was seeing reduced number of visitors. So, I started looking for another company and after reading their reviews and general user experience, 24×7 support, etc I concluded to host my website on Hostgator. I have all my domains registered with Godaddy while web hosting is with Hostgator. Hostgator’s service is so reliable. My website visitors increased that also helped me add to my AdSense earnings. They provided me an unlimited domains hosting in just one account with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting space. I have also heard that Bluehost works on similar lines.

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Google AdSense Earnings till January 2013

Google AdSense Earning till January 2013
Google AdSense Earning till January 2013

Traffic Report from Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Traffic Report Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013
Traffic Report Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Google AdSense Earnings from Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Google AdSense Earning Feb 2013 till 23rd July 2013
Google AdSense Earning Feb 2013 till 23rd July 2013

First Google AdSense Cheque

First Google Cheque
First Google Cheque

Finally after the long time, I made earning of $102. Of course the earnings are not that fascinating but this is my first earning ever in my blogging area.

For better user experience and making your site search engine friendly, consider improving your site Page Speed. A faster loaded website is always preferred to others loading slow.

IMPS Immediate Payment Service

IMPS is an unbelievable service that lets you transfer money from one bank to another instantly! Yes, with IMPS you don’t need to wait for a business day or even a single minute, i.e., you can also transfer money on a holiday. The money gets transferred instantly to another bank. Now, instead of NEFT you can transfer the money to the recipient without waiting for a day or business time.

imps online money transfer instantly

What is IMPS?

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant, interbank (similar to NEFT) electronic fund transfer
service that can be initiated only through mobile phones or netbanking online or SMS.

Who can use IMPS?

All domestic bank account holders who have registered mobile numbers can send and receive money using IMPS. Money can be sent via SMS channels or Mobile or Netbanking Online.

What beneficiary details are required to send money using IMPS?

The beneficiary details required are:
a. Beneficiary’s mobile number as registered with his/her bank
b. Beneficiary’s Mobile Money Identifier (MMID)
a. Beneficiary’s Account number
b. Beneficiary’s IFSC code

What is MMID or Mobile Money Identifier?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a random seven digit number issued by banks to their customers. If
you wish to send money using IMPS, you should have the mobile number and MMID of the beneficiary
(person whom you wish to send money to). If you wish to receive funds using IMPS, you should generate
an MMID for your account and share this with the remitter (person whom you wish to receive money
from). You can generate only one MMID per account. This can be done on Netbanking Online or Mobile.

Who can send and receive money using IMPS?</h2
Customers can transfer and receive funds via IMPS using their registered Mobile numbers and Mobile Money Identifier or Account number and IFSC code.

Banks participating in IMPS via Account number and IFSC code (as in Citibank.co.in)

1 Canara Bank
2 Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank
3 The Greater Bombay Co-op Bank
4 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
5 A P Mahesh Co-op Urban Bank
6 Indian Bank
7 Bank of Baroda
8 Andhra Bank
9 Saraswat Co-operative Bank
10 State Bank of Hyderabad
11 BNP Paribas
12 Federal Bank
13 Karur Vysya Bank
14 Corporation Bank
15 IDBI Bank
16 Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op bank
17 The Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd
18 Bassein Catholic Co-operative Bank
19 Jammu and Kashmir Bank
20 Union Bank of India
21 The Cosmos Co-operative Bank
22 United bank of India
23 The Mehsana Urban Cooperative Bank
24 Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. , Pune
25 Dena Bank
26 Vijaya Bank
27 HSBC Bank
28 Syndicate Bank
29 Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) as Beneficiary
30 NKGSB Co-op Bank
31 IndusInd Bank Ltd
32 Punjab National Bank
33 Bank of India
34 Kotak Mahindra Bank (as beneficiary)

Banks participating in IMPS via Mobile Number and MMID (as on Citibank.co.in)

1 A P Mahesh Co-op Urban Bank
2 Allahabad Bank
3 Andhra Bank
4 Axis Bank
5 Bank of Baroda
6 Bank of India
7 Bank of Maharashtra
8 Canara Bank
9 Catholic Syrian Bank
10 Central Bank Of India
11 Citi Bank
12 Corporation Bank
13 Dena Bank
14 Development Credit Bank
15 Dhanlaxmi Bank
16 Dombivali Nagari Sahakari Bank
17 Federal Bank
18 Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank
19 HDFC Bank
20 ICICI Bank
21 IDBI Bank
22 Indian Bank
23 Indian Overseas Bank
24 IndusInd Bank
25 ING Vysya Bank
26 Janata Sahakari Bank Pune
27 Karnataka Bank
28 Karur Vysya Bank
29 Kotak Mahindra Bank
30 Lakshmi Vilas Bank
31 Oriental Bank of Commerce
32 Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank
33 Punjab National Bank
34 South Indian Bank
35 Standard Chartered Bank
36 State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
37 State Bank of Hyderabad
38 State Bank of India
39 State Bank of Mysore
40 State Bank of Patiala41 State Bank of Travancore
42 Syndicate Bank
43 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
44 The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India (HSBC India)
45 The Thane Janata Sahakari Bank
46 UCO Bank
47 Union Bank of India
48 United Bank of India
49 Vijaya Bank
50 Yes Bank
51 Saraswat Bank
52 BNP Paribas
53 Bassein Catholic Cooperative bank
54 Jammu and Kashmir Bank
55 The Cosmos Co-operative Bank
56 The Mehsana Urban Co-operative Bank
57 NKGSB Co-operative Bank

Image courtesy: livemint.com