Buying new Desktop

Here are a few points to note to before you buy a desktop. These tips would help you get your needs fullfilled in budget.

Warranty and Support

Just one year warranty should be fine. Going for more years’ warranty would make you loosen your pockets by considerable amount. Organizations may get options like 24 hour support, however they must pay nicely for it.

Additional software should be purchased based on your needs. Basically you would need the operating system, office suite and anitvirus software. Visit vendors websites for details on buying or upgrading your system software.

Look for a comfortable cabinet – the CPU box
Look for the USB 2.0 ports, audio and video connectors at the front of the cabinet. This will ease you connect your daily devices like cameras, mp3 players, mobile phones, headphones, etc easily without the need to see the back of the box.

Do not wait for price fall

Prices keep falling, dont delay your computer purchase on this otherwise you would yourself in the endless waiting period. Every time the prices fall, you will find the configuration that you want would be available for the same price that you had selected for the lower configuration that was available a few months back! This chain is endless so there is nothing to regret if you find that the PC you already bought is now cheaper.

Buy slightly above minimum specifications required

Always buy PC with slightly above the configuration you need. This will improve the usefulness of your PC for longer period.

Upgrade at the time of buying

Hard drive with double memory can be bought by adding just a few bucks to the price of the device if upgraded at the time of purchase itself. Similarly, upgrading RAM is also advantageous. It improves the configuration, quality for a little price. But do not run after this if it is not at all required.

Keyboards should be comfortable in use

Some keyboards cause stress on fingers/palms. Keyboards are available with extra buttons and fancier looks. Go for the extra buttons for specific needs only. However, having shortcut keys like for media player could be helpful.

Quick Tips for Desktop Buying

  • Buy the desktop computer configuration as per the business needs. Buying the desktop for your business may result buying a desktop that can’t handle the workload and would inefficient for the execution of your business. similarly, don’t waste too much on unneccessary things.
  • Make sure that you can expand the configuration in future. The memory, or drives may be required to expand at a later date. In addition, dont keep too much room for expansion, otherwise you will find the cabinet bulk covering too much space.
  • In secondary storage, the hard drives – You’ll spend a little more while purchasing, but if you skip now, you may pay higher later.
  • While checking the prices of the computer shown or described in an advertisement, make sure that the price includes all the displayed components like monitor, etc. If the pricing doesn’t include the monitor you may have to increase your budget.
  • Buying a desktop from a manufacturer company will keep your system waranteed. However, getting it assembled can also be a nice option. Usually, the components come from their specific manufacturer company with a guarantee or warantee period. So getting the system assembled is, financially, a cheaper deal. Just make sure the dealer guarantees you providing proper service when required.
    If you are buying the desktop for business, a branded desktop or a desktop from a reputed manufacturer is recommended.
  • When buying for a business, warantee and prompt support are utmost important points to consider. Prompt response should be available when required. Otherwise the downtime of your business may be higher if they solely functional on computers.
  • Financing packages are available if you are running short of money. Properly read ALL terms and conditions of the financing company before signing any deal. Check the hidden costs and any other terms and conditions.
  • Evaluate your workspace before you buy.

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  1. Prior to the widespread use of microprocessors, a computer that could fit on a desk was considered remarkably small. Early personal computers, like the IBM PC, were “desktop” machines, with a horizontally oriented computer case, usually intended to have the display screen placed on top to save space on the desktop. In modern usage the word “desktop” usually refers to tower cases that are in fact more often located on the floor under the desk than on a desk.^’

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