Buying New Laptop

Check out the following tips before you head towards a laptop shop for Buying New Laptop:


Everyday work like – word processing, spreadsheets, emails, chatting wont require you buy the latest processor, instead a normal speed processor would do the work. However, if you are interested in gaming, photo editor software, etc you would probably need some higher speed processor. Today, Duo core processor are rocking in the market.
The Dual core processor and the Core 2 Duo processor have different meanings and their working.

Dual Core: There is actually one processor but it is programmed in such a way that it works as if there are two processors.

Core 2 Duo:There are actually two executing units in hardware and this makes this type of processors faster.

Soon there would be Quadra core processors in the markets! Only buy according to your needs, but make sure that it is not outdated for atleast 7-8 forthcoming years.


Memory plays an important role in the functioning of a computer. The higher the memory the better the performance. If you are installing Vista as the operating system on your computer, minimum recommendation is 1GB memory. However, 512MB is sufficient otherwise. Memory has become cheaper today.
Many sellers provide an option to upgrade the memory free of cost while purchasing.

Supplemental battery:

If you are away from an electric supply outlet most of the times, keeping a supplementary battery is always a better option. Buying the battery at the time of purchase is even a better option. The price has a considerable difference.

14.1-inch wide screen:

Small size screen is a good option for frequent travelers or mobile people. It also facilitates the battery use. However, smaller size screen can cause eye strain.
Buying a 14 inches monitor is a balanced choice.

120GB hard drive:

Unlike earlier, today 40GB is rarely found in the recommended configurations of the computer. If you are a music freak buy a 120GB or higher capacity hard-disk, if affordable.
An 80GB hard disk also does wonders.
The speed of hard disk is also an important factor to consider, this makes the data access faster. Normally the hard-disks have 5200 RPM. However, prefer buying the hard disks with higher speed. This is particularly important when the hard disk is very much loaded with the data.

Touchpad pointing device:

Touchpads are easier than sticks. Make sure, that the touchpad is not very small, that makes it difficult to work on the computer.
Some touchpads have a scroll bar in itself. This makes the scrolling easy without the need to take the cursor on to the scrollbar and move it up and down. So far only vertical scroll is available in the touchpads.

Multiple USB ports:

Atleast two USB 2.0 ports should be available. Most of the times you connect your ipod or an mp3 player, your digital camera, a USB pen drive all at one time. Our recommendation would be three however, two would be sufficient too.

Sony Latest Laptops:
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