How to update Android latest version

Readers are constantly requesting for the steps to update android latest version software. So I am providing the steps below to update your android to the latest version. And would constantly keep this post updated with the latest steps to update android latest version.

Oreo 8.1 is the latest version released. The previous version is Nougat 7.X versions. Continue reading “How to update Android latest version”

How to close applications in android mobile phones (running in background)

It is a good idea to close the applications running in background in the mobile phones to save battery power. This is especially useful when you are on travel.

There are many applications that we think are closed but they actually keep running in background and utilize the processing power, hence the battery.

  1. The procedure may vary from mobile to mobile, but more or less the procedure is similar:
  2. Keep the main button of the mobile phone pressed. The button can be a touch button to tap on screen or a hardware button on the phone. Keep it pressed until you see some menu or options.
  3. In Samsung Galaxy Note, after the first step, you get the list of applications recently used. Tab “Task Manager”, you will the list of applications running (active) currently.
  4. Close any unwanted applications that are currently running by tapping “Exit” for that particular application.
  5. Tap “RAM” in the top menu and tap “Clear Memory”. Clearing memory usually clears the memory that is held by the applications not active and can be closed. It may or may not closed any application that you were using. Ensure to save your current work on any application, if any.