Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

Check Income Tax Return Status Online India

Income tax refund status is just just a few clicks away – no cost, no registration is required! So, have you paid tax more than you were supposed to? Did your employer not consider the last month’s or last few months’ investments for tax benefit? Well, then you will need to claim the refund while you are filing income tax return. And you can check income tax refund status online! Below is how. But before that, did you file your Income Tax Return? If you did it online, you can Check IT Return Acknowledgement Online.

EDIT: IT Refund Status Update over Email

I received an email from SBI email ID with subject “Income Tax Refund Payment Advice – Electronic Payment” that the refund money has been credited to my bank account. I had provided SBI bank account details while filing the return. It’s so cool! It contained a PDF attachment that was password protected with the details of the refund received. Below is the copy of the email they send. This is amazing and it happened quite faster in comparison. Now you don’t have to go again and again to their website to check the status unless you were expecting and it did not happen. Banks these days also send SMS for money deposited but it seemed like a special email for the IT refund which is just great.

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Aditya Bajaj,
We are pleased to advise that your Income Tax Refund, as determined by ITD had been processed.
Please find attached payment advice for details. The advice is password protected. Please use your PAN number in capital letters to open the attachment.
For more details please contact CPC Bengaluru at 1800-425-2229 (Toll Free) or 080-22546500 if the Return was filed online.
If other cases, you need to visit local Income Tax Ward and contact your Assessing Officer.
For further queries please contact Aayakar Sampark Kendra at 0124-2438000 or 1800-180-1961 (Toll free).
For payment related queries you may contact SBI Contact Centre at 1800-425-9760 (Toll Free).
Please visit
With Warm Regards,
State Bank of India
Cash Management Product Centre

Income Tax Refund Status Check Online Step by Step

ITR Status Online:

Refund credited

SBI Bank Statement for Deposit by IT Department:

it refund deposit in bank

  1. Go to this NSDL website –
  2. Enter your PAN number
  3. Select your assessment year in the given drop down list
  4. Click Submit

And you are done! If you faced any issues while checking income tax refund status online, please discuss via comments below and I will try to help you sort the problem.

UPDATE: Other statuses

A) Refund status: Refund not sent to Refund Banker

  1. Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker.
  2. If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status.
Please contact your Assessing Officer.
Online Tax Statement helps you in filing your income return, Click here for registration
Insist on Computerised Challan Counterfoil from bank for tax deposited.

assessing officer not sent refund to refundbanker

B) Refund status: Unable to credit refund as the account number provided by you is incorrect

* The date corresponds to the status.


  1. In case your electronic refund (ECS) is not credited to your account please contact your Assessing Officer and provide the correct MICR code and account number where credit is to be effected. The Assessing Officer will ask State Bank of India to send a fresh refund cheque to you.
Insist on Computerised Challan Counterfoil from bank for tax deposited.

unable to credit refund

It gives you the date information when the itr was refunded and deposited to your account. I verified it myself. If you check your SBI bank statement for that period, you will see an entry as shown above in the SBI bank statement.

Register for income tax e-filing step by step guide 2018 (with screenshots)

If you are already registered, visit step by step guide for income tax e-filing otherwise continue reading below.

You will need the following details to register for income tax e-filing:

  • Valid PAN
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Valid Current Address
  • Valid Email Address, preferably your own

Steps to register for income tax e-filing

    • Visit Registration page on Income Tax Government site (this will open in a new tab)
    • Select the user type as ‘Individual’ and then Click Continue. Steps for other type is coming soon!
      Select user type individual to register income tax e filing
    • After selecting “individual” you will see the form below. Fill in the mandatory (compulsory) details such as PAN card, Surname, Date of Birth, and Residential status. Other information to fill is optional.Registration Form Individual Income Tax e filingNote: If you are already registered you will the error below:
      “This PAN has already been registered. In case you have not registered, please contact 1800 103 0025 immediately.”PAN already exists error income tax e filing
      In this case, visit step by step guide (with screenshots) for income tax e-filing in 2018 to file your income tax return for this year otherwise continue to steps below.
    • Fill in the following mandatory details:
      • Password Details
      • Contact Details
      • Current Address
      • Click ‘Submit’
    • After registration, for Residents, a six digit OTP1 and OTP2 will be shared on your mobile number and email ID, specified at the time of registration. For Non-residents, OTP will be shared on your primary email ID, specified at the time of registration.
    • Enter the correct OTP to complete the registration process

      Note that Your OTP will expire after 24 hours from the actual time of receipt. Hence, registration process will be expired. You need to register again from the beginning.

If you have completed all the steps above successfully then you are ready to file income tax, Hooray! Visit the step by step guide (with screenshots) for income tax e-filing in 2018 once you are ready.

Income tax e-filing step by step guide 2017 (with screenshots)

Income Tax e-filing can be done online through the Income Tax website without any cost in 2 different ways:-

  1. By furnishing all details online itself – I like this method because this is simple!
  2. By downloading the Excel Utility and furnishing details in the Excel Utility offline, then uploading on the website.

income tax return form sample

Income tax e-filing without Excel utility procedure

income tax e-filing login form India 2017

  1. Click here to visit the Indian income tax e-filing site.
  2. Enter your user ID (PAN Number)
  3. Password (that you had chosen while registering). If you don’t remember your password, click on “Forgot Password” link on the form.
  4. Date of Birth (this is visible once you fill in the PAN number)
  5. Enter the Captcha code. This is to ensure that computer robots are not attacking their site and that it is being accessed by humans. Only human eyes can read a complex image and not a computer. If you can’t read it, you can change the image by clicking the refresh icon next to it or hearing it out loud by clicking the speaker icon. If you still have difficulty accessing it, select “Request OTP” and that will send you OTP number on your registered mobile to verify that a human being is filling the form and not a robot.
  6. Then click “Login”

Prepare and submit income tax e-file

Since a random ID is generated, you cannot follow a specific link to submit the form (even after you are logged in). Hence, as seen in the screenshot below, either follow in the top menu – e-File >> Prepare and Submit Online ITR or on the left hand Quick Link navigation, click “Quick e-File ITR”.

Navigate to e-File Form

Income tax e-filing prepare and submit

  1. Type in your PAN number
  2. Select ITR-1 in ITR Form Name field
  3. Choose the Assessment Year. Here, you should select the year you are filing for. E.g. most people would file for FY17 so they would select FY 2016-17.
  4. Pre-fill Address with:
    Choose appropriate. Hint: If PAN Database or Previously Return Filed doesn’t have the correct information, you can fill it and save.
  5. Digital Sign: If you don’t know what Digital Sign means, probably you don’t have one and you can simply select No and move on.
  6. Click Submit

On submitting, you would see the Instructions tab. It is a good idea to read it before you proceed.

Important points to note:

  1. Do not press Back button
  2. Save Draft at regular intervals to avoid on losing saved information due to auto session expiry sign-out
  3. Do not Press Enter – it would submit the form

As shown below, only use Save Draft or Arrow Keys to save the currently filled information as a draft or to navigate between different tabs. Do not click Back button of the browser, it may need you to re-login.

e-File Form Navigation

Even if your session expires, do not worry; you can again open the last saved draft version by re-login.

Start filling the details in the various tabs and verify before you submit.

Procedure for income tax e-filing using Excel Utility

The following Article Illustrates 8 Simple Steps for strong>Income Tax efiling by downloading the Excel Utility

  1. Log on to and select the Income Tax Return Form for your type of Income. There are various different Income Tax Return forms for different class of assessees.
  2. Furnish all details in the downloaded Excel Utility and also required to cross check the same with the figures as mentioned in your Form 16 / Form 16A and Form 26AS.
  3. Generate a XML file for the purpose of Income Tax efiling (The procedure for generating XML File for Income Tax e-filing is explained below).
  4. After generating the XML file from the Excel Utility, logon to your account on the Income Tax Website and then Select “Submit Return” from the relevant options on the left panel. (In case, you are doing Income Tax e-filing online for the 1st time, you would first need to create an account on the Income Tax website).
  5. Browse to select XML file and click on “Upload” button.
  6. On successful upload, the site will display acknowledgement details. The site will automatically generate and send an ITR-V to your registered email ID.
  7. In case while e-filing income tax return you used your Digitally Signatures to digitally sign the Income Tax Return Form, the whole process will be complete on generation of “Acknowledgement”.
  8. However, in case while e-filing income tax return , you didn’t use Digital Signatures, on successful uploading of e-Return, the site will automatically generate and send an ITR-V to your registered email ID. Tax payer should sign this ITR-V acknowledgement form and send to the Income Tax office.

Sending your income tax acknowledgement by post

After preparing and submitting the Income Tax Return online, you will need to take a printout of the ITR-V acknowledgement form, sign it and send it to the Income Tax Department office by post.


  1. The due date for Income Tax e-filing is 31st July for assessee’s not required to get their Tax Audit done. For all assessee’s required to get their Tax Audit done, the Due Date is 30th September.
  2. All Income Tax dues (after deducting the TDS and Advance Tax paid) computed as per the Income Tax Slabs are required to be paid before filing the Income Tax Return

The Address for sending duly signed ITR-V form is:

Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru – 560100, Karnataka

Please post strictly by ordinary post or speed post only, within 120 days of transmitting the data electronically.

In case, Form ITR-V, is furnished after the end of 120 days from the date of filing of Income Tax Return, it will be deemed that the return in respect of which the Form ITR-V has been filed was never furnished. It shall be incumbent on the Tax Payer to electronically re-transmit the data and follow it up by submitting the new Form ITR-V within 120 days. This completes the income tax e-filing process for non-digitally signed Returns.

In case if there was any error incurred in Income Tax e-filing and you realized it later, you can always file a Revised Return of Income u/s 139(5) before the expiry of 1 year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of assessment (whichever is earlier).

Help contact numbers

Refund/ Refund re-issue rectification, notification and processing
Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm
1800 425 2229 (toll free)
(+91) 80 2254 6500 (call charges may apply)
1800 103 4455 (toll free)

E-filing of returns or e-filing login
Monday to Saturday 9 am to 8 pm
1800 425 0025 (toll free)
(+91) 80 2650 0025 (call charges may apply)

Check Income Tax Return Online

One more reason to Thank Government of India is for providing the facility to check IT Return Acknowledgement online. While they also have made a provision to Check Income Tax Return Status Online (India)

If you filed it online, all you need is just the acknowledgement number to verify if the Income Tax Department received your ITR V Form.

If you don’t have acknowledgement number, no worries, you should then have the PAN number handy for checking the status.

Check IT Return Acknowledgement Online Step 1

Steps to check IT Return Acknowledgement Online

OPTION 1: “If You Don’t Know” e-Filing Acknowledgement Number

  1. Go to eFiling Official Website
  2. For “Know Status By” select first option – PAN and Assessment Year. If you don’t know or remember the e-filing acknowledgement number.
  3. Enter your PAN number
  4. Select the Assessment Year
  5. Enter the Captcha code for human verification (to help their site understand that it is not a spam).
  6. Click Submit

OPTION 2: “If You Know” e-Filing Acknowledgement Number

  1. For “Know Status By” select second option – eFiling Acknowledgement Number
  2. Then enter your 15-digit Acknowledgement Number
  3. Enter the Captcha code for human verification (to help their site understand that it is not a spam).
  4. Click Submit

Result messages of e-Filing Acknowledgement

Valid Information
If your details were received, you would receive the message ITR-V Received. Else if your details were not received, you would receive the message No e-Return has been filed for this PAN and Assessment year or e-filing Acknowledgment number.

Invalid / Wrong Information
If your acknowledgement number is invalid, you would receive Invalid Acknowledgement Number message

If your PAN number is invalid / wrong, while submitting you would receive the error message that PAN does not exist.

You may also want to Check Income Tax Return Status Online (India).

For help, to provide suggestions and/or appreciations feel free to use the comments section below.

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