Spinach juice – in a healthy tastier way!

Usually healthier stuff doesn’t feel tasty but here is a good news – this is not always true! 

I just got back from gym and was willing to drink something healthy and didn’t want to have sugar or its substitute. So I took some spinach and few grapes and blasted it in the nutribullet to make a nutriblast! And this juice tastes amazing. I so love this juice. It’s healthy with a good sweetner.


I also had bananas but didn’t want to use banana since I want to control my carb intake and because I am also having something to eat in dinner. So just used a few grapes to make it sweet which also makes it healthy and fulfilling. 

So if you don’t like raw spinach juice in general, you should try this and it will change your mind about spinach. 

Have a nutrition blast before workout

Empty stomach workout is like driving a Mercedes Benz on an empty fuel tank. With some intake of fruits an hour earlier, your workout is even more fruitful. I have been able to actively run longer than usual. You are able to burn more fat while you have energy in the body to burn it. This energy comes through the fruits which are non fat and with lots of “good” carbs that you need to for a workout. 

1 hour before workout

Add spinach blueberries banana Apple pears kiwi or anything you like

I add protein supplement too since I am a vegetarian 

I use nutribullet to make this quick blast of nutrition

I saw ad on tv but bought from Amazon since it was way easier to purchase through their app and it was just a matter of clicks

The actual site also runs offers sometimes like 1+1 but I had already had the product deliver so I didn’t want to return and pay for shipping and take that shipping efforts which would have ultimately cost me the same. 

Different fruits two times a day with an easy to use blender like nutribullet is really healthy and easy to use. Also I hate cleaning after use but with nutribullet it’s easier to clean I just put water in it and do another blast for 5seconds and it cleans itself. 

My main point is to have fruits and combinations of vegetables throughout the day which helps keep healthy. 

I have vitamin b12 deficiency and I hoping to cope up with that through this healthy lifestyle of a nutrition blast each day and feel much energetic and active these days. I am having a nutriblast made of spinach banana and blueberries while I am writing this post and I am so very excited. 

So have a nutrition blast and have a happy workout!

Lose Weight in Normal Routine

slim abs
If you’re planning to control your weight or already under some weight control program, the following tips on losing weight may be helpful for you. Go through the following tips and discover the useful areas wherein you can magnify your eating or drinking habits and stop gaining unnecessary weight.

Include multiple fruits servings

Include fruitsEat at least 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables have beneficial fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. They are low in calories and helps to keep your calorie count low. They are good for your body in multiple ways.

Watch for quantity

Look for the quantityBe careful for the quantity while eating. For example, one serving of pasta means half cup of cooked pasta. However, hotels serve a pasta plate with 4 servings of pasta. Don’t be under impression of finishing it all at one time. You may take the leftover at home.

Don’t skip meals

Don't skip mealsJust for the sake of dieting, do not skip your meals. Skipping meals can adversely affect your health. Just not eating food will not help you carry your dieting efficiently. You may concentrate on low calorie food in your meal. This would really be helpful in your weight loss program.

Choose fresh foods

Always prefer fresh foods over packed ones. Packed foods contain high content of sodium and fat. Quite much fat can be controlled by eating home cooked food than eating junk food like pizzas or burgers!

Don’t be too restrictive

Don't be too restrictive over chocolates, ice-cream.Allow yourself eating the favorite treats you love sometimes, just look for the quantity and frequency of eating them.

Understand nutrition content and labels

Nutrition LabelA product highlighting a “fat-free” tag may not mean that it is low in calories. Similarly a label on product as low-sugar may not mean it is low in fat or calories. Go through the nutrition label on the product.

Watch for sugary drinks

SugarYou may be drinking juices regularly, however, avoid juices containing sugar. Desserts after food are not regularly good. However, for a change, you may have that sometimes.

Keep a food journal

Food JournalMaintain a food journal with you. This will help you in following the everyday diet properly. Get it reviewed by a dietitian if possible.

Exercise for few minutes

Exercise dailyExercising for 30 to 60 minutes is recommended to stay healthy. Exercising not only will help reduce weight but also help you reducing stress level, depression, strength and stamina and hence it will keep you mentally healthy too.

Intake water as much as possible

Drink 8 glasses of water everydayDrink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. It gives you a healthy skin. Water helps to maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk many types of diseases. Water aids in digestion and prevents constipation.

Concentrate on the way you eat or drink

Chewing foodThe way of drinking water may also result in formation of a pot belly. Drinking water in one go usually causes this. To avoid it, drink sip by sip. Never be in hurry.

Similarly, chew the food 30 times. This advances the digestion. Definitely, you would count chewing for the first few days. However, after this intial training, your brain would automatically follow it.

Commit to be FIT and HEALTHY!!!