UAN passbook, UAN number – Help guide

UAN passbook

UAN means Universal Account Number. Every Provident Fund (PF) holder can have a UAN. With a UAN number and hence UAN passbook, the basic idea is to have a one-place for people who have multiple IDs from employee provident fund organization (EPFO). UAN acts as a high-level umbrella. Whenever an employee joins a company, he/she has to fill a “Declaration Form 11” and UAN number is also one of them. Learn below on how to generate UAN Number.

Following are the steps for generating UAN number for getting a UAN passbook:

How to generate UAN number

Following steps will help you generate UAN number.

  1. In EPF form, fill up your state and office area column.
  2. Enter your PF which has been bifurcated into Region/ Office/ Establishment Code/ Ext/ PF Number.
  3. Then select the “Check Status” button. If we receive a message that UAN number is activated, it is clear that EPFO has allotted you as UAN holder.

Features of UAN member passbook:

  • UAN will be an umbrella for those members who have multiple IDs. It will act as one-place for all allotted IDs.
  • EPFO has to be allotted UAN.
  • 17 crore EPF members have been allotted UAN whose contribution was received between 1st January to 30th June 2014.
  • With the UAN, every employer has to tag Member ID.
  • With every UAN, KYC details have to be seeded.
  • The primary KYC’s of UAN are AADHAR CARD, PAN, and Bank A/C numbers.

UAN also has a portal called Unified Portal for EPF. EPFO portal launched this portal on Dec 18, 2016, for UAN passbook holders. This Unified Portal is available at website. This portal has following key features:

  • You can download and print your updated UAN passbook any time
  • Downloading and printing of UAN card is also available any time
  • In this portal you can update your contact details and KYC (know your customer) details
  • Activate your UAN – needed only once
  • Know your UAN status any time
  • UAN portal allows you to register yourself – required only once

Advantages of online UAN passbook

Having a UAN passbook online have the following benefits:

  • Prints your UAN passbook:
    Download PF passbook. You just have to login into UAN portal and download your PF passbook in PDF format.
  • Transfer claim amount:
    Using UAN you can also request for claim transfer, you just have to claim amount by logging into UAN account.
  • UAN Card:
    Download UAN card from the website by logging into your account.
  • KYC Documents:
    You can also update your KYC documents like mobile number, email address, ID proof, and address proof. You just have to upload your documents on UAN passbook or UAN page.
  • List Member IDs:
    UAN account can also help you in listing member’s IDs. Once you log in, you can update your listed Member IDs as well.
  • Check account status:
    If you want to check your provident fund account status then you will  need to login on UAN homepage to check your account status. You can also check your EPF claim status online from your EPFO member portal.

If you have any questions regarding UAN passbook or EPF UAN portal, please write them in comments. I will try to answer them if I can or I will try to provide pointers.

Driving in USA with a foreign license

There’s so much information about getting a driver’s license in the USA for foreign nationals or resident aliens but it gets confusing sometimes because most of the instructions given are for local people. So, I am writing this post to make it easier for foreign nationals. I am an Indian passport holder and on a work visa but you can relate a lot of information on this page for the process of obtaining a drivers license if you are an international person. Also, this is based on my experience in getting a driver’s license in the state of Washington but other states have similar process as far as I know. 

If you have just arrived to the U.S., you can use your valid foreign driver’s license to drive around in The States for a year. However, you should double check to be sure before hitting the road on your own. 

If you are going to stay within the States longer than a year then also get a driver’s license before the period of a year as that would ease up your process of getting a license. Otherwise you will have to go through knowledge test in addition to default driving test. 

I delayed since I didn’t need a driver’s license and only got a State ID to avoid going around with my passport. And since it is more than a year that I am here, I had to first get an instruction permit to drive the car I recently purchased. There’s whole another story to buy a car without having a U.S. license first that you can read here. 

With an instruction permit I can drive around but I have to have a 5 year experienced driver holding a U.S. driver license. It sucks until I get my practice done but at least I am able to drive around until I get a full driver’s license. Some states also need the person sitting with you while you carry an instruction permit to be 25 years or older. 

Getting an instruction permit was super easy – just know the driving rules and give a knowledge test by pre-applying for it online. To prepare for knowledge test, go through the practice test posted here. This site also provides a reason for a wrong answer so you know why which helps not make the same mistake again. Also, some centers allow you to give test for one price any number of times until you pass while some others charge and also have waiting time after two trials. With a one time practice of about 280 questions I was able to clear the test in the first round itself. 

Well that’s about it and I will keep updating this post as I get questions or comments or any furthe important information to add. 

Cheers and drive safe!

Indian Rail Train Position Online – Train Running Information

Do away with the hassle of contacting Railway inquiry office or standing in the long queue to ask a simple question about your train position or the train status.

Problem faced finding Train position

Once we travelled to the station all the way from home only to realize that the train was cancelled due to the railway track problem near Wardha. Had we known that there is a trusted source of information we can rely on, we would have saved our loads of time and efforts of travel. It seems risky to trust a website saying that your train is 8 hours delayed or cancelled altogether. This is mainly because we don’t know any official trusted sources for this information.

Find Train Position Online

However, there exists a site that allows you to track your train’s status. With this site, you save loads of trouble if the train is not starting from or arriving to the station at right time.

finding trains online

After looking on this site we saw that site the train is delayed by 8 hours, we verified through some contacts who were closing working with railway department and it was found that the site gives you real and correct status information of the train.

If, for example, your kids are travelling and you don’t want to disturb them again and again by calling and asking if they reached you can simply search the train on the site and track the train’s position.

The search is quite cool, you can search your train by number or just a few words of the train’s name. It will show you results in seconds and you can choose further.

The mobile version for the train running information is also available and is light weight which loads amazingly fast.

The desktop site URL is while the mobile version is

Tips to Find Indian Rail Train Running Information

If you are unable to search your train by the name you know, try to break the name e.g. Garibrath is searched with “garib rath” (with space)

Alternatively you can just put the end cities in the search for example Nagpur Pune and you should see all the trains, then select your train and find its status.

Train position on Rail Radar – Map view

active train status

If you would like to explore more, the railradar subsite shows you the live running trains map in India. It’s super cool.

running trains map india
Running Trains Live Map – India View
running trains map state
Running Trains Live Map – State View

Download e-Aadhaar Card Online

Download e-Aadhaar Card online through the official portal for UIDAI. Once you have applied the for the aadhaar card, you can check the aadhaar card application status online.

e-aadhaar card online

e-aadhaar card mobile security code

e-aadhaard card download

The e-Aadhaar card can be used as a proof temporarily until you receive the original Aadhaar card by post to your registered postal address.

Problem downloading e-Aadhaar Card

If you are not able to download the e-Aadhaar Card online, you may want to check the aadhaar card application status. If the message received on checking the status is “Congratulations ! Your Aadhaar has been successfully generated.You may now download the e-Aadhaar from the Resident Portal.”, the problem has to be something else like a temporary website problem. You may want to try again later.
Other possibility is that the Aadhaar card is not ready yet, once the aadhaar card is ready a message is received on the registered mobile number that the aadhaar card is ready and can be viewed / downloaded online. If you have not received such message, the Aadhaar card is probably not ready yet.

Another message online I have seen while downloading the e-aadhaar card online is: “Sorry, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later.UIDAI”. So you may want to try again later.

Aadhaar Card Form in Marathi

Aadhaar card form is available in Marathi language (link at the bottom). This has to be a good news for people knowing Marathi or being Maharashtrian. It is always a good feeling to have the form in our own language. If you have already submitted the Aadhaar card application and wanting to check its submission status, check in my post Check Aadhaar Card Status

If you haven’t filled the Aadhaar card application, you can do it now in your own Marathi language.

Download Aadhaar Card Form in Marathi

Download Aadhar Card Application form in Marathi. Once you have submitted the aadhaar card application form, you can check its status in the post Check Aadhaar Card Status.

If you want to know more about Aadhaar card, visit Aadhaar Card Information.

Check Aadhaar Status Online with Steps to Track Status

Once you register for Aadhaar card, you don’t have to go again to any government office and stand in a queue to check Aadhaar status or to follow up. Government of India is leveraging the skills of the IT professionals and hence we have this facility online! What you only need to do is just open the UIDAI Portal link and the Aadhaar status will be just a few clicks away. If you are looking for information on Aadhaar card, read my earlier post here, then you can come back on this page to check the Aadhaar status.

What you need to have to Check Aadhaar Status

To check the aadhaar status all you need is the Enrollment No. and Date-Time which you will find in the acknowledgement slip you received at the time of enrollment/registration. Below is the step by step guide with a pictorial demonstration.

How to Check Aadhaar Status Online

How to check Aadhaar status
Go to the UIDAI Portal and follow the steps below:

  1. In the first text box, enter the 14 or 28 digit enrollment number/id as in the acknowledgemnet slip
  2. In the next textbox, enter the date and time as printed on the acknowledgement receipt
  3. Then enter the human verification code as present on the text image below the third text box
  4. Click submit and you should see the status if details entered are valid

If the Aadhaar card is ready, you can download the e-Aadhaar card online too! This is a good option to keep the e-Aadhaar card with you handy as a proof.

e-aadhaar card status check

If you have applied for the Aadhaar card recently, you may get a message that EID provided by you is still not available with us. Please check back after few days. So be patient and check after a few days as it may take sometime for the processing to update the details online. If you had applied quite sometime back and still do not know the aadhaar status online or if you have any query or complaint, then use the following information to contact the Aadhaar Officals:

Telephone Number: 1800-180-1947
Fax: 080-2353 1947
Mailing Address: PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001
Email Address:

Head Office Address:

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),
Planning Commission,
Government of India,
3rd Floor,
Tower II,
Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi
PIN – 110001.

If you have any questions or comments, please discuss via comments below. And if you need more information on aadhaar, read my earlier post on aadhaar card.

Aadhaar Card Information Guide

Aadhaar card or UIDAI card

What is Aadhaar Card?

It is the unique identity number issued by the UIDAI. Each individual can have only
one Aadhaar card as it is linked to their biometrics preventing and frauds or fake
identity. It is more like the Social Security Number of USA citizens.

If you want to check the status of your application, visit my post for a step by step guide to check Aadhaar status online.

Benefits of Aadhaar Card

Uniqueness Only one Aadhaar card will be issued to each individual making it unique.

Portability Since the data is centrally managed, the agencies or service providers will validate the beneficiary’s details through this central system making it portable.

People without any valid Identity will have one now This is one of the major advantage of Aadhaar card. Today, even passports are unique but not that every individual has it. However, Aadhaar card will be issued to each and every individual through the introducers concept.

Easy & Faster Approval & Verification Processes Now, borrowing a loan, creating a bank account, joining a firm will become easier and faster with just one card due to the centralized management of the data by UIDAI.

What information is required to get an AADHAAR number?

Demographic information required:
* Name
* Date of Birth
* Gender
* Address
* Parent/Guardian details (required for children, adults may provide)
* Contact details phone and email (optional)

Biometric Information required:
* Photo
* 10 finger prints
* Iris

Enrolment process for a AADHAAR number

You will need to visit an enrolling agency, fill up an application form, provide Proof of Photo Identity, Proof of Address documents and other supporting documents.

One who does not have any document to prove his/her identity, he/she will require an Introducer for enrollment process.

The agency authorised person will validate the documents provided by you at the time.
And the demographic data will be captured in the system.

Biometrics information will include capturing ten finger prints, both iris scanning and facial photograph. This data will be sent to CIDR.

The biometric information will be checked in the database to ensure that it does not already exists.
If the informatio is not found the database, Aadhaar details will be generated and will be sent to the individual at his/her residence. The Aadhaar number will also be sent to the agency for use in their service database.

If the individual is already in the database, or in case of any other quality/data validation failure the application will be rejected and the person will be informed of the same.

Documents required for Proof of Identity (PoI) & Proof of Address (PoA)

Common proofs of identity and address are:
Election Card, Ration card, Passport and Driving License.
Photo ID cards like PAN card and Govt ID cards are permissible for Identity Proof or PoI.

Address proof (PoA) documents also include water, electricity & telephone bills from the last three months.
In case you do not have above common proofs, Certificate of Identify having photo issued by Gazetted Officer/Tehsildar on letterhead is also accepted as PoI. Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA /Gazetted Officer/Tehsildar on letterhead or by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas) is accepted as valid PoA. Even if someone in a family does not have individual valid documents, the resident can still enrol if his/her name exists in family entitlement document. In this case the Head of Family in entitlement document needs to be enrolled first with valid PoI & PoA document. The head of the household can then introduce other members in the family while they are enrolling.

Who can be an Introducer?

What is Introducer system?
UIDAI recognises that some people particularly children, women, migrant workers, homeless, nomadic tribes, urban poor and others may not be able to produce documentary proof of identity and proof of address. In order to enable inclusion of these individuals for AADHAAR, the data standards committee recommended that the introducer system be created similar to the introducer framework followed by banks for opening bank accounts.

Who can be an Introducer?
An Introducer is a person who is authorized to introduce a resident who does not possess any PoA / PoI documents. The main objective of the introducer system is to enable enrolment of residents into Aadhaar, who are otherwise hard to reach and may not be part of any government database.

Example: Registrar’s employees, elected members, members of local administration bodies, postmen, influencers such as teachers & doctors, Anganwadi / ASHA workers, representative of local NGO’s etc. identified by a Registrar and registered in UIDAI’s CIDR as “Introducers”.

Aadhaar enrollment online

You can book appointment online for Aadhaar enrollment procedure this will help you save time. However, the online booking facility is provided only to select cities as seen in the list of Cities at For example, only Mumbai, Nagpur and Thane are the available options in Maharashtra.

Those who do not find their city in online booking of an appointment for Aadhaar or UDAI Card, refer below.

Aadhaar Enrollment Agencies

There is no list given about the agencies clearly. However, the PDFs present at can be used to find address information of the enrollment agencies.

If you have the acknowledgement slip, you can follow the step by step guide to check Aadhaar status online.

Important Links for Aadhaar Card / UDAI Card