Spinach juice – in a healthy tastier way!

Usually healthier stuff doesn’t feel tasty but here is a good news – this is not always true! 

I just got back from gym and was willing to drink something healthy and didn’t want to have sugar or its substitute. So I took some spinach and few grapes and blasted it in the nutribullet to make a nutriblast! And this juice tastes amazing. I so love this juice. It’s healthy with a good sweetner.


I also had bananas but didn’t want to use banana since I want to control my carb intake and because I am also having something to eat in dinner. So just used a few grapes to make it sweet which also makes it healthy and fulfilling. 

So if you don’t like raw spinach juice in general, you should try this and it will change your mind about spinach. 

How to save money in doctors appointment in the U.S. 

I was pretty sure that I needed to see an E.N.T. Specialist and that’s what I enquired on phone before visiting through a walk in on a weekend. Weekend cost is higher in general and this was a walkin appointment. 

The nurse checked in I told her it was a deviated septum problem and she said she will have to word it like “congestion” in the nose for the doctor to examine. Then the doctor came in used some microscope and inserted in my nostrils and said there’s a swelling (i knew it was a deviated septum) and that she recommends me to see an E.N.T. specialist (i knew in advance). She said that she will prescribe me some antibiotics just to avoid what she referred to as swelling. Walking to the hospital was mere a waste of time and money. 

How to save money if you want to see a doctor?

First things first if you are unsure of your medical illness just go and see a doctor as applicable. But if you are sure like in my case and if you are sure which specialist to see call them and make sure that they have the specialist available to solve your medical problem. They should not just make you walk in and pay for giving another reference! Funny story is that I am writing this post while the doctor is getting me the prescription for today’s checkup! 

Wish everyone a good health!

Have a nutrition blast before workout

Empty stomach workout is like driving a Mercedes Benz on an empty fuel tank. With some intake of fruits an hour earlier, your workout is even more fruitful. I have been able to actively run longer than usual. You are able to burn more fat while you have energy in the body to burn it. This energy comes through the fruits which are non fat and with lots of “good” carbs that you need to for a workout. 

1 hour before workout

Add spinach blueberries banana Apple pears kiwi or anything you like

I add protein supplement too since I am a vegetarian 

I use nutribullet to make this quick blast of nutrition

I saw ad on tv but bought from Amazon since it was way easier to purchase through their app and it was just a matter of clicks

The actual site also runs offers sometimes like 1+1 but I had already had the product deliver so I didn’t want to return and pay for shipping and take that shipping efforts which would have ultimately cost me the same. 

Different fruits two times a day with an easy to use blender like nutribullet is really healthy and easy to use. Also I hate cleaning after use but with nutribullet it’s easier to clean I just put water in it and do another blast for 5seconds and it cleans itself. 

My main point is to have fruits and combinations of vegetables throughout the day which helps keep healthy. 

I have vitamin b12 deficiency and I hoping to cope up with that through this healthy lifestyle of a nutrition blast each day and feel much energetic and active these days. I am having a nutriblast made of spinach banana and blueberries while I am writing this post and I am so very excited. 

So have a nutrition blast and have a happy workout!

Lower Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure or hypertension should be checked on a regular basis. High blood pressure results in kidney failure, heart attacks and other problems. Following are the tips to follow to avoid high blood pressure or hypertension.

Check your blood pressure atleast a month by a doctor. Don’t ignore visiting a doctor if you have frequent headaches or chest pain.

Follow the diet and medicine treatment given to you by your doctor. Inform your doctor in case the medicines are not working their way out.

Smoking or tobacco products results in contracting your blood vessels and results in high blood pressure.

Exercise regularly and try to maintain the normal weight according to your height and age.

Add fruits and green vegetables in each meal. Avoid fat containing and non-veg food.

Salt (sodium) results in high blood pressure. Have control over the intake of it.

Avoid alcohols and caffeine. These products affects the blood circulation in your body.

Pranayama facilitates the breathing. Follow it properly on a regular basis. Meditation in addition to pranayama, also helps in breaking stress.

Sesame Seeds Benefits

There are number of reasons to consume sesame. It is a more natural way to keep away from health problems like Piles, Diarrhea, Skin problems, etc. Take a look below for sesame seeds benefits.

Check this til gud recipe (sesame jaggery recipe) for a delicious taste!

Sesame Seeds Benefits

The oil extracted from sesame seeds is of very high medicinal quality.

It has the finest flavor and a high boiling point. This quality is important from the health point of view, for it indicates that less molecular restructuring takes place in sesame oil than any other seed oil.

Sesame Seeds Benefits in Piles

Sesame seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of piles. They can be taken in the form of decoction or as sweet&meats. Ground to paste with water, they are given with butter for bleeding piles.

Skin Disorders

A poultice of the sesame seeds can be applied externally with beneficial results over ulcers, burns and scalds. External application of a mixture of equal parts of sesame oil and lime water is also effective in these conditions. The oil is also used as a substitute for olive oil in pharmaceutical preparations for external uses.


Black sesame seeds, as a rich source of iron, are valuable in anemia. An emulsion of the seeds is prepared by grinding and straining them after soaking them in warm water for a couple of hours. This emulsion, mixed with a cupful of milk and sweetened with jaggery, should be given to patients suffering from anemia.

Dysentery and Diarrhoea

Sesame seeds are useful in dysentery and diarrhoea. Two tablespoonfuls of the seeds should be lightly roasted on a frying pan. They should then be ground into fine powder and mixed with one tablespoon of cow’s ghee. The mass should be divided into three parts. Each part should be used with boiled goat’s milk thrice daily for six days by the patients suffering from chronic dysentery or diarrhoea. It acts as an excellent medicine in these conditions.

Sesame Seeds Benefits for Respiratory Disorders

The seeds are valuable in respiratory disorders. An infusion of sesame seeds, mixed with a tablespoonful of linseed, a pinch of common salt and a desertspoonful of honey, should be given once at night with beneficial results, in acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. It acts as an expectorant.

Hair Disorders

Crushed leaves of sesame are considered beneficial in the treatment of dandruff. A decoction made from the leaves and root is used as a hair wash. It is said to prevent premature graying of hair and promote their growth.

Gud – Jaggery Benefits

Gud / Jaggery Benefits

  • Diabetic people are often advised to replace sugar with jaggery
  • Purifies the blood
  • Extremely beneficial for anemic people as it is rich in iron
  • Helps maintain blood pressure levels due to low amounts of sodium
  • Reduces water retention in the body so controls weight of the body
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants so helps in fighting the free radicals in the body
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Helps control indigestion and constipation problems
  • Extremely beneficial for throat and lung infections
  • Helps in preventing breathing problems and asthma
  • Helps fight pollution by allowing people to breathe easily in higher levels of pollution and smoke
  • It is rich in magnesium so helpful in relieving fatigue and relaxes muscles and nerves
  • Prevents rheumatism