Kitchen Safety

– Do not spray any chemical near burning stove, heater, etc. The sprays to kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc is highly flammable and even a single spark in its way will let it catch fire. Be very careful.


– Ensure that there is no electrical wire above the stove burners. Excessive heat from stove may melt it or it may even catch fire.


– Unplug appliances like Microwave, Heater, Toaster, etc. or anything that is not in use.


– Keep sharp tools like knife, fork, etc in a closed place so that by no contact to it even in case of accident like slipping due to slippery floor, etc.


– Clean your kitchen regularly to avoid cockroaches, lizards or any other insects.


– Do not keep chemicals, sprays to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, etc in the kitchen.


– Sometimes it happens that you just come from spraying a cockroach repellent and go into the kitchen to have water. So, always, no matter where you are coming from, have your hands washed before entering the kitchen or eating anything.

Feel Fresh with Clean Kitchen in Rainy Season

In rainy season after cleaning we do not get feeling of freshness. With the help of some domestic products you can turn around. Let us know…

Gleaming furniture

Mix equal amounts of oil and lemon juice. Distribute this mixture in two equal parts .Use one part to clean the timber or ken furniture. Use other part, to wipe with a clean, dry cloth. The timber or ken furniture gets shiny.

Clear Microwave

To clean microwave and its utensil take mixture of half cup water and half cup vinegar. Put this mixture in microwave bowl. Microwave it for two minutes. Now clean microwave with ready mixture .Microwave and its utensil will clean and clear.

Fresh refrigerator

To keep refrigerator fresh use baking soda. Spry baking soda on a sponge and clean the inner part of the refrigerator. Then clean sponge with clean water, and again clean Inner and Outer of the refrigerator with this sponge .This will clean refrigerator, also disappear odor too.

Get rid of the viscosity

Do not be bothered by Children’s pasting sticker, price tags or labels. Only take help of vinegar. Dip a napkin in vinegar and continuously rub on place where sticker was paste. Soon you get rid of the viscosity.

Healthy cutting board

Bothered by yellowing of the cutting board and its dirt, the lemon will help. Scrub chopped lemon on cutting board, leave for 20 minutes. Then wash.