Mechanical Challenges in Purchase

Mechanical Challenges in Purchase

If you belong to an OEM company then you would have come across many challenges. Such challenges has to be resolved as quickly as possible as it affects and hampers the production which further gives rise to conflicts which latter results in to distraction in to management. Well there is always a pressure of getting materials at the right time at the right place with the right quantity. Now the question whether what we say is up to the mark or not? The answer remains in the question itself. Well when someone from production or operations ask you when he will be getting the parts which are in shortage? You can’t just kick his back and say that you are too busy working on some X project. You have to give up with all your tasks which you had taken in hand and rush to take follow-ups in getting those materials with the least possible duration. Continue reading “Mechanical Challenges in Purchase”

Purchase negotiation

purchase negotiation

Well! Let’s begin with the definition of purchase.

What is purchase?

Purchase deals with the getting resources for an organization to achieve its objectives. Now you already now what negotiation is. So what is Purchase negotiation? Getting the resources for an organization at a right quantity, at right price, at a right time. Let me put it this way, you go to the market to buy some stuffs for your birthday decoration and gave you Rs 500 /- for the commodities to buy it from the market. Continue reading “Purchase negotiation”