Kitchen Safety

– Do not spray any chemical near burning stove, heater, etc. The sprays to kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc is highly flammable and even a single spark in its way will let it catch fire. Be very careful.


– Ensure that there is no electrical wire above the stove burners. Excessive heat from stove may melt it or it may even catch fire.


– Unplug appliances like Microwave, Heater, Toaster, etc. or anything that is not in use.


– Keep sharp tools like knife, fork, etc in a closed place so that by no contact to it even in case of accident like slipping due to slippery floor, etc.


– Clean your kitchen regularly to avoid cockroaches, lizards or any other insects.


– Do not keep chemicals, sprays to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, etc in the kitchen.


– Sometimes it happens that you just come from spraying a cockroach repellent and go into the kitchen to have water. So, always, no matter where you are coming from, have your hands washed before entering the kitchen or eating anything.

Home Safety

While this covers main points for safety at home, the list is still huge for the home safety. If you have anything else to add to this list, please drop in a comment and I would happily add it to the list here.

– Today, things are advanced, we don’t have much cut off in the electricity and we have invertors that turn on when the power goes off. However, you should put a candle and matchstick box at a common and easily reachable place when all the other things fail to work in dark.

– Unplug Television, music system, computer, geysers, etc when not in use. Some things like geysers, etc are not easy to unplug always but at least when you are going out for a week or more, you should take this pain and unplug devices.

– Maintain a fire extinguisher at home to avoid mishaps. Regularly verify it, for its proper functioning.

– Keep sharp things like scissors, nail cutter, etc in a closed place like drawer, cupboard or at least in a box to avoid the contact by accident.

– Keep repellents like mosquito, cockroach, lizard, etc or rat killers away from reach of children.

– Keep the toilet and bathroom clean.

– Hide heated, hot iron in a safe place where there is no chance of anyone’s contact even by mistake. Don’t leave it at a place where there is cotton, paper, plastic etc may contact easily.