Get Rid of Cockroaches

If cockroaches are too much to handle and your pest control guy is not helping you much in any way, then here is a trick to get away with it. 

1. Just mix up equal quantity of boric powder in wheat flour and make a paste by adding water.

2. Now paste small portion of this mixture all over the area wherever u feel cockroaches roam around. 

After a week you will notice that all cockroaches are vanished as if they never existed.


– submitted by shailendra

Hacked Account Case

My friend Sam’s Gmail account was hacked, neither him nor me had any idea. One day the hacker was google-chatting with me through Sam’s accountPassword hacked :( and was asking me for my credit card information. I would have given the number and other information if I would have had the card that time as he is one of close friends who I can rely on and trust. Fortunately, my credit card was not with me so I referred him our other close friend John (this is his nick name) and hence I was saved from being cheated.

Hacker did not contact John!
John, who is the one I referred to hacker, was not contacted for either of the two reasons: He was not online. Or Hacker did not know who John was! John is my friend’s nick name and hence hacker did not find anything specific to John.

How could have the hacker got that I was his one of the best friends?

I am one of the regular chatters with Sam. Google saves all the chats in the chat history. For sure, hacker must have gone through the chat history to see our previous chats and from the content of our chat he guessed that we are close. Normally, when you ask your friend to do a favor, the friend if he is close won’t really think much and just do it. However, you should be alert all the time.

What may have caused the Account hacked?
All these companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc cannot be blamed for this security smash. It’s the user responsibility for maintaining the security of the passwords and keeping them strong.

The reason that his password was hacked could be that he accessed it from some local cyber caf’. Hackers can read the sensitive information using some software installed on the users machine that reads every key which is fed through the keyboard. And hence he was able to crack it even when the password was strong. Sam had no way to change the password later this incident because all the account details were modified by the hacker.

It was a nightmare for me. Thankfully, neither me nor John were the hunts!

I hope these emailing companies find some better solutions like fingerprint authentication or alike to be used world wide on internet so that it would not just rely on the passwords.


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