Cleaning Vehicle

A broom is the quickest way to clean snow from a car. You can cut the handle down on the broom and store it in the trunk.
In the glove box, keep a few Handy Wipes to remove gas odor from your hands from filling the tank.
Remove auto grease from hands with baking soda and water.
A hubcap can be used as a shovel if your auto gets stuck in the snow, mud, or sand.
Place a bag of kitty litter in your trunk, in case you get stuck in the snow. Sprinkle some under the tires to get traction.
Make a drip pan to collect oil drips by placing corrugated cardboard in a cookie sheet. Or fill a cookie sheet with kitty litter. Change as needed.
Paint a bright color strip or use luminous tape on center of back wall to aim the car down the center of garage.
If you have poor lighting in garage, place reflector tape on objects that might be hit.
Use carpet strips, foam rubber, or pieces of rubber tire around support studs or framing that car doors open against.
Never warm your car in an attached garage and never with the garage door closed.
When tuning up your car, set the gap on spark plugs using the widest gap that the manufacturer recommends. Your car will run better, idle better, and will give you better gas mileage.
Apply vaseline to battery posts for better contact.
Clean hard to reach areas (dashboard, cup holders) with a dampened sponge tipped paint brush.
If battery terminals are heavily corroded, the quickest and easiest way to clean them is to pour carbonated soft drink over them. It will eat the corrosion away. Baking soda mixed with water will also do the trick.
Laundry pre-wash liquid removes tar from your car’s finish.
Peanut butter has been known to remove tar from car finishes also.
Avoid putting air in your tires if the temperature is below 10 degrees F. The valve could stick and let all of the air out of the tire.
If wipers are beginning to wear down, you can extend their life by rubbing them briskly with sandpaper.
Clean windshield wipers with a good scrubbing of baking soda and water.
A radio antenna will slide up and down easier if a coat of wax is applied occasionally. Wax paper works great for this job. Rub the wax paper up and down the antenna, the wax from the paper will coat the antenna.
Drop a business card (or file card with your name on it) down the window slot in case you ever need to prove ownership.
Line your car trunk with a plastic rug protector to protect the carpeting. It will make clean up easier if dirty or greasy objects are placed in the trunk.
Prevent rust by keeping the underside of your car clean also. Place a lawn sprinkler under your car and turn on full blast. Move occasionally so it will reach all areas. This is a good way to remove all salt and road grime.
Leave one window open a crack to prevent frost from building up on the inside of the window.
If you chip the paint on your car, clean promptly and apply clear nail polish to area to prevent rust.
Remove road salt from carpet with equal amounts of vinegar and water.
Make your own washer solvent that won’t freeze by combining 1 quart of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons liquid detergent. This formula won’t freeze down to 35 degrees below 0.
Remove tar from rubber car mats by dabbing a generous dose of linseed oil on tar. Let it soak for about fifteen minutes and blot with a dampened cloth.
If car windows tend to steam up on the inside, carry a blackboard eraser in your vehicle. Wiping the condensation away with the eraser.
Use newspaper to wipe windows dry after cleaning to avoid streaks.
Keep an auto maintenance book. Write down dates that repairs, or maintenance was done. Write down where the work was done or by whom.
On a piece of tape write the mileage down when the next oil change is due. Attach this to your upper windshield or another convenient place to remind you when it’s time to change the oil.
Never wash your car in the sun to prevent streaking.
A dust mop head, worn as a mitten is great for washing your car.
Coca-cola® and aluminum foil will clean rust off your car bumper.
Remove old bumper stickers with lighter fluid. Soak stickers for a few minutes then gently remove with a razor blade.
Clean headlights, chrome and enamel with baking soda.
Steel wool pads with soap cleans white sidewalls the best.
Clean splattered bugs off with baking soda and a nylon net.
When white walls are clean use a little vinyl top wax to keep them clean longer.

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