Consolidated Mutual Funds Statements

consolidated mutual funds statements

Usually, near the close of fiscal year, your organizations tell you to submit the investment documents for proof to save tax deductions. Or otherwise even if you are an individual you would need investment documents for proof to submit towards the end of the fiscal year. At this time, we usually start running after our agents or the insurance companies themselves for providing us the proofs. Here is the good deed of KARVY and CAMS that enables us to get the consolidated mutual funds statements or status anytime/anywhere which are held with KARVY, CAMS or FTAMIL.

For the very first time in India, you can now get all the consolidated mutual fund holdings with KARVY, CAMS and FTAMIL. Most of the big companies are tied up with these ones so you probably will get all the mutual fund statement at one place.

Steps to get Consolidated Mutual Funds Statements

  1. Simply login to
  2. Select Statement Type – Summary or Detailed
  3. Select Period – Current Financial Year, Previous Financial Year or Specific Period
  4. From Date gets selected automatically for the current or previous financial year. If you choose Specific period in step 3, this field will get activated and you need to provide the dates here.
  5. Provide your email that is registered with the mutual fund companies.
  6. PAN is optional.
  7. Choose a password that will be used to open the statement sent to your email provided in step 5. Remember this password is not any account login, it’s simply a password required to protect your document from unintended users.
  8. Submit and you are done. Just check email in sometime (usually it comes within an hour).

Relax! No? Got Questions? Post a comment below and I will try to help.

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