Enabling Sound Drivers on Windows Server 2008

There was an urge to listen to a devotional song this morning at work because a client call canceled.

But my machine is Windows Server 2008 which doesn’t have the Sound Drivers automatically installed. I logged a ticket to Helpdesk too!

Tried plugging in the headphones jack to different ports but that did not work.

Finally, went to control panel, clicked on Sound icon and it asked me a pop-up saying that the audio is diabaled and if I wish to enable it.

After enabling, woooa! The sound started playing!

If you still face problems listening the audio, ensure that the jack is inserted into the correct port. Sometimes the port present in the front (easy access panel) may not work. In such, cases, insert the jack into the port behind the CPU, if its not laptop 😉

– submitted by a myworld

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