Enhance Smartphone Battery Life

Many of us wonder how he/she can use the power of their smart phone battery in a most efficient way. We come across many situations wherein we require the phone should power on for at least 10 – 12 hours once it has been charged to 100 %. Once in the morning I had to rush for the interview. Well I had to locate the place so I could manage to open the Google map. My bad luck was my smart phone charged up to 13% only. Now all I had to manage is to use my phone in the most efficient way. Unfortunately i had to use my cell phone in the most critical situation. This is how I could manage to use my cell phone battery to the fullest.

enhance smartphone battery life

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Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Use the following tips to have your smartphone give you a better battery backup hence have an extended battery life for your smartphone.

  1. First of all try to find the alternate solutions to recharge your battery. May be you could have the charger but don’t have the place to plug in. In this case you can have a cup of coffee in a café area and plug in there for at least 15 minutes or something.
  2. Second option is to use your phone whenever it is required. For example you could get a call from one of your friend you may push him/her for a while and ask him/her to wait for some time.
  3. In the most critical situations, like you have 13% power remaining so there you should avoid playing games, listening to music, talking to your friend etc for a long time.
  4. Most importantly you should put you cell phone to general mode i.e. without vibration and music. Vibration and music requires most of the energy.
  5. Frankly speaking if you are really not sure that whether you would get a charger or a power to plug in your charger for a long time switch off your cell phone and switch on whenever it is required. But I would strongly recommend you not to make this a habit.

Now above were some of the situations wherein you could come across where your battery is little charged. Here I would tell you how to use your smart phone battery to the fullest –

  1. Reduce the brightness of your display

    Here most of the people use there smart phone batteries with full brightness. To avoid battery consumption you must put your smart phone brightness as minimum as possible. You may use it if you are doing some very critical work for example chatting with your friend, reading news, articles etc. You should avoid full brightness when you want to talk for a long time.

  2. Speakers use most of the power

    When you are alone you should use ear phones. Speakers use 23% of the battery power. So if you really want you should turn on to speakers otherwise use earphones. If you are not that funky, you should not set your ring tone which may disturb others as well. The ringtones should be soft.

  3. Charging a smart phone battery

    It has been found that most of the people come with a complaint that there battery life is down. That is when they charge there batteries to the fullest it becomes completely zero every hour or two. This happens due to improper charging practice which everyone must follow. Few of us charge with another charger which does not belong to their brand family. Now here the question arises that why I should not use any other charger even though the port is similar. I am not talking about to charge Cell phone X with brand Z with the cell Y with brand Z charger. Here let us suppose you have cell phone X1 with brand Z now here you may use the charger of the cell phone X2 with brand Z. but, you are not recommended to use charger of cell phone X1 with brand Z to cell phone Y1 with brand T even though brand Z and Brand T provides the same charger.

  4. When to charge your smart phone battery?

    The reason when to charge your battery charger is very important. We charge our cell phone when we see that the battery is reduced to 60%, 55%, 50%, 45%, 40% technically speaking this is a wrong practice. Well you should charge your battery when the power reduces to 5 – 10 %. This is because if you make it habit of charging when you see above mentioned charging %. Your phone actually forgets that it still have 50 % more power. Do you remember there is a saying that the water is half full instead of half empty? Yes, one more thing to say. Do not put your phone for charging for a long time even though it is full.

  5. Avoid keeping your cell phone in hot areas

    Avoid your cell phone under direct sun light. Use your cell phone in a cool and dry place. Avoid hot areas such as area open to sky, Kitchens (near stove), etc.

If you have any additional tips to be added here, feel free to comment in the box below and I would update this article with your tips too with your credits!

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