EPF Passbook Download Steps, Check ePF Balance

EPF Passbook DownloadI myself had to struggle to download EPF passbook. So consolidating the steps to help you download EPF e passbook along with finding your account information step-by-step on member portal. I have already elaborated in my previous article about EPF passbook online . Now, let’s find out the step-by-step procedure here to download the same. I have added Live screenshots from the member portal site so that you can visually understand the procedure to download online EPF e Passbook. Once you download the EPF ePassbook, you can check the balance in the downloaded EPF Passbook.

Steps to Download EPF Passbook

  1. Go to http://members.epfoservices.in/
  2. On the right side, you will see LOGIN box. Choose your document in the drop down and provide the number in the next text box. e.g. If you choose Pan Card, provide your pan card id in the text box.epf passbook step1 login
  3. Click Sign in
  4. On successful login, you will see the homepage of the site for EPF ePassbook. Now goto http://members.epfoservices.in/choose_ofc_details_mpb.php (you can’t go here directly unless you are logged in)epf passbook step2 download epf passbook
  5. On Download Member Passbook page, choose your state.
    epf passbook step3 select state
  6. Click on your City. You will be taken to the member portal.
    epf passbook step4 select city
  7. Here, enter your account number. Account number can be found out in your Payslip (PF number in payslip). If you don’t find this information in payslip, you can contact your company’s finance department to help you find the same. It is usually statecode/Establishmentcode/PFAccountNumber.
    epf passbook step5 enter account number
  8. You will need to Enter your account number in the given boxes. The first two boxes are updated upon your selection of state and city. The third box is for establishment code (remove leading or trailing zero in the number). You can ignore the fourth box which is for extension. Then in the last box, mention your account number.
  9. Type the captcha code (as you see in the image) for human verification in the next box below.
  10. Click GET PIN.
  11. Wait for a SMS in your mobile. Don’t close the window nor navigate away until you get the PIN (otherwise you need to repeat the same process). Once you get it, tick the option box “I Agree check box” & enter the PIN in authorization pin box below it.
    epf passbook step6 enter authorization pin
  12. Click Get Detail and you should be able to download EPF e Passbook now if you entered correct information and followed the steps correctly.
    epf passbook step7 download pdf

Sample EPF Passbook

sample epf e passbook

The online EPF e Passbook is available to download in PDF format. So you may need Adobe Reader to view the Passbook.

If you have any questions regarding the EPF Passbook, ask them in the comments section below.

Hope you find this helpful.

54 thoughts on “EPF Passbook Download Steps, Check ePF Balance

  1. Sir,

    I had downloaded my epassbook in the month of Jan-13. But, thereafter, wherever I entered in the site for downloading of epassbook, the same passbook is generated as in Jan-13.

    So, please help.

    1. Hi Shailendra,
      I suppose the details are not yet updated. You should check back after a few months as I believe the passbook details are not updated very frequently for the same account.
      Hope that helps.

      1. I had downloaded my epassbook in the month of Oct-2012. But, thereafter, wherever I entered in the site for downloading of epassbook, the same passbook is generated as in Oct-2012, one of my team member he checked few days back (1st time registerd for epf passbook and he found balance updated till Aug-2013. So question is if any member 1st time register on this site then he get option to send message after 2-3 days passbook is available on site but after that he never got option to send message for new request for updated passbook. Please suggest.

    2. I downloaded my epassbook in the month of july-13. after that again I downloaded in month of octeber-13 but entries are same as in month of july-13 but latest entries are not updated
      So how can i get latest updated e passbook?
      please help me

  2. I got a message saying that my epass book is available, but when im keeping my cursor on “AVAILABLE” it is not showing any availability and im not able to download, kindly suggest

    1. Hi Sowjanya,
      Where are you getting the message about availability? It should ideally show you a link like how i have shown in the last picture above (in the article titled “Download Member Passbook”).
      Are you seeing that?

  3. Hi, I have already created the account and have downloaded the passbook in Dec. 2012. As per the portal the passbook can be downloaded every month and it will reflect the latest data as per current date. But when I download passbook, it displays me the old passbook which I downloaded in Dec, 2012. What I Can do.

  4. I got a message from EPFO saying that my E-passbook is available. But, when I login and keep the cursor on “AVAILABLE” under the E-Passbook download history option, it is not showing any availability and I’m not able to download anything. Also, I am not able to see any links as suggested above by Aditya. What could be the reason?

  5. Hi,

    I am not able to download the PF Passbook.

    I received SMS from epfo saying passbook is ready. When I try to download with above steps it says Sorry your passbook is not available.

    Can you please help?


  6. The website does not work. I can get the SMS to receive my login information via the “forgot login” option, but I have never received the PIN (thru SMS) that is required to download the e-passbook. Crap website as expected from EPFO.

    1. Hi Nilesh, It works for me. You need to confirm the mobile number. If that doesn’t help too, contact them directly on phone or email. There has to be a way out of your problem.


  7. Hi,
    I belong to Bangalore, today was trying to get my E-passbook, but its showing that, the EPF No is not updated in records, request you to please help me to get details about PFE Passbook denlo……..
    Sandeep c

  8. my passbook was not available and i raised a request. the message said i will get the passbook in 3 days, its been 10 days since i raised the request, i still have not got it

    how long does a normal request for generating a password take?

  9. I have registered my details with “www.members.epfoservices.in” on 31st July 2013 but till date I am getting the same message
    “Your pass book is not available on the portal. Your request has been recorded. Based on the request the concerned EPFO Office will upload the pass book. You will get an SMS for downloading it once the pass book is available on the portal.”

    Please let me know if there are have any option / contact details for the same.

  10. sir,
    I belong to Udaipur(Raj.), today I am trying to get my E-passbook in EPFO , But I cannot fill the DATE OF BIRTH due to there is some error, So I request you to please help me to get details about DOB filling & downloading of E Passbook as earliest.
    Hoping a favorable consideration.

    Lokesh Garg

  11. I had accidentally entered the wrong Payslip account number while registering on the EPFO website. After entering the right payslip number it is showing a error message.
    Please help!

  12. Hello,

    I had downloaded my epassbook in the month of May-13. But, thereafter, wherever I entered in the site for downloading of epassbook, the same passbook is generated as in May-13. Please let me know how to see the updated one with the details.

    So, please help.

  13. Hi,
    am not able to download the PF Passbook.
    I received recieved 3 sms ant still I waiting for the fourth sms to get the link
    Can you please help?

  14. its a really bull sheet. as its a government site .. this will by default and taking for granted that it will not work proparly
    its a useless site….

  15. I have uploaded my passbook from member portal. But entaries are not updated after aug.13 onwards. When can we get our updated passbook.

  16. Dear Sir.

    I have login user name & Password . But PF a/c no not matching.i dont ‘n how to care of any problem.pls providing deatils of Uploading.
    psl check and confirm as early as possibel.

    syed saleem

    1. I am still confus how to PF a/c no & A/c no.Pls i need some help.
      Establishment code – Maximum 7 Digits, No leading or trailing zeros (e.g. 3467, 987654 etc) and Account number – Maximum 7 Characters.
      then entry all managable account deatils its showing.
      Please check whether you have entered correct account number.If yes, then details of the entered account number is not available at the portal for verifying the account number as it is not uploaded by the concerned EPFO Office. You may contact the concerned PF Office that maintains your account.

      Pls check and confim as early as possibel/

      Email id :- [email removed for privacy]

      [phone removed for privacy]

  17. I have recieved E pass book of EPF but it was not up dated so how to update it or up to which date we are getting informatio kindly give report or why every time old e-pass book comming

  18. i received message from EPFO that in your portal passbook is ready for download, but i have my member portal it appears that YOUR PASSBOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE ON PORTAL.

  19. downloaded my epassbook in the month of july-13. after that again I downloaded in month of octeber-13 but entries are same as in month of july-13 but latest entries are not updated
    So how can i get latest updated e passbook?
    please help me

  20. Form april 2013 my records are not updated yet. Still i am getting the old pdf, when new records will be updated?? Or any issue with website. Please help.

  21. I completed my mobile registration and I loged in but when I am
    choosing download epassbook iam not getting any download link

  22. Hello All,

    My E passbook is not updated.. It is showing the same records, when i have downloaded first time….

    Could some one please tell me, is there any way to update e passbook.

  23. Dear Sir,

    today i had download my EPF E-passbook (a/c no. ****71/*81) to check the balance status till today but it is showing the last updated on 07/06/2013. sir can i know why the balance not updated in e-passbook.

  24. Sir,

    there is no doubt that it is the best for employee to check their pf status online but without updating its cant help us to know our pf balance status.

  25. Hi Sir,

    The steps who have mentioned was very helpful.
    I have tried & got my answer.
    Many Thanks.

  26. Hi Friends,

    In 2013 first time I downloaded the e pass book i got it.
    But after 1 year(In 2014) also the E passbook is not updated.

    Can any one tell me how to get updated E pass book.

  27. Useless website..Not updating and having a year old information does not make any sense..Government should have some common sense and make it useful rather than having a website for name sake year old information not getting updated..Totally a bull shit website

  28. Shall I get the pension fund as well as mentioned in my e-pass book statement or employee share and employer share only?

  29. I need to know about my e-passbook. This is showing as employee contribution, employer contribution and pension funds. My question is that whether i will be able to withdraw sum amount of all funds i.e. employer contribution, employee contribution, pension funds. Please guide.

  30. I have not received my EPF amount till now after leaving 7 years from my previous organisation.I have applied 3 times in my organisation before.pls.help me regarding this

  31. How to delete an account registered in EPF member portal. I’m not able to change the name registered. How to change the name if not deleting the account. Please help..

  32. Hi Am Asha, I have already registered with member portal, now I want to download E-Pass book, when I trying to download after entering PF Account Number , the below error is coming … kindly check and help me to know my PF balance…..
    Error: “You have already downloaded passbook of one account under this establishment (or requested a passbook under this establishment) and are not permitted to download another account number under same establishment. In case both account numbers are yours, please apply in Form 13 for transfer of the old account to the new one.”

  33. The screenshot of KYEPFB is useful to follow. I tried using my account number. I also tried miss call service checkepfbalance.com/epf-balance-check/ to check my balance. I would like to keep in touch through your subscription.

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