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You have all the content well written, tags are well in place, right images have been used and everything seems to be in order but wondering why still the post is not getting enough exposure to the lord of search engines – Google! This happens when you have not used right keywords in your post that Google or any other search engine can catch and show it in the search results for the given keywords. Google Keyword Tool is your next step then to keywordize your blog.

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In current post, we are concentrating on choosing the right keywords, through the tool, to use in your blog posts. In a recent study on one of the websites, some shortfall on the views & visits on a website was noticed because of the posts modification without concentrating on the right keywords by its post moderator. A most recent example is about a keyword “EPF Passbook”. While the website in context had a huge number of impressions on Google’s first page in top 3 links and clicks sometime back, suddenly the post became less popular and gradually moved the website down and down in the search results on Google, decreasing the overall site visits as seen in Google Analytics.

This is when we started giving it a closer look and checked what others are writing about it and to our surprise all other posts had similar content to what we had written but they got the benefit of their rapport already built on Google and moved up in the search results. Also, initially, the website’s post content was unique on that topic but as websites with higher ranks started writing on that topic, their site (which already had good page rank) was picked up in search results moving our site (with lower rank) down in the search results.

How we used Google Keyword Tool to improve the blog posts’ visibility

In the analytics, I had a gist of which keywords were driving traffic to the website and after a while with some updates to the blog post the same keywords didn’t show website posts in the search results. One of such keywords was “EPF Passbook” as mentioned above. In the tool, when I searched for “EPF Passbook”, it indicated that the average monthly searches for this keyword were close to 10,000 while the keyword that was focused on the post in concern was “EPF e Passboook” and monthly searches for “EPF e Passbook” in Keyword Tool were only about 1,500! So the search made for “EPF e Passbook” is 85% lesser than “EPF Passbook”. So, this clearly indicates that I optimized the blog post for the 1.5k monthly searches and moved away from the 10k searches made monthly. Naturally, I have reduced the visibility from the people who were looking for “EPF Passbook” and not “EPF e Passbook”.

effects of Google Keyword Tool in Analytics

Learning and Conclusions

Always be careful when you are creating or modifying posts with respect to right keywords along with quality content of course. You can make a very fruitful use of Google Keyword Tool to optimize your posts’ visibility in the search engines.

Target the keywords that are having more monthly searches. And you must use the words if those are required to be used. DON’T stuff the keywords unnecessarily. If you do so, the quality of the content will seem to reduce and so will be it’s search engine visibility.

A good idea is to write your post first without thinking about keywords and SEO. Once your post is ready, analyze to optimize the content for search engines along with checking the monthly searches for your chosen Keyword Tool to identify the right keywords. If the content is unique, you will lead and you can chill. But if it’s not you will need to work for its SEO.


Install a SEO plugin if you have a CMS like WordPress. This takes care of half the technical SEO responsibilities and you can invest your time in improving the quality of the content, choosing the right keywords, etc. I have personally used WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and it helps to a greater extent. Another such plugin is Easy WP SEO.

Read about Increasing Site PageSpeed, which is one of the important factors today in search engines and for better user experience.

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