Kitchen Safety

– Do not spray any chemical near burning stove, heater, etc. The sprays to kill cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc is highly flammable and even a single spark in its way will let it catch fire. Be very careful.


– Ensure that there is no electrical wire above the stove burners. Excessive heat from stove may melt it or it may even catch fire.


– Unplug appliances like Microwave, Heater, Toaster, etc. or anything that is not in use.


– Keep sharp tools like knife, fork, etc in a closed place so that by no contact to it even in case of accident like slipping due to slippery floor, etc.


– Clean your kitchen regularly to avoid cockroaches, lizards or any other insects.


– Do not keep chemicals, sprays to kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, etc in the kitchen.


– Sometimes it happens that you just come from spraying a cockroach repellent and go into the kitchen to have water. So, always, no matter where you are coming from, have your hands washed before entering the kitchen or eating anything.

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