Making Viral Videos to Improve Monetization

viral video

After enabling your YouTube account for monetizing your video, you should concentrate on making interesting videos that can virally spread over internet through social media. Monetizing Videos is discussed in our previous article.

Tips for making Viral Videos

Keep the videos short length, small video. Short videos are most viewed videos than longer ones. And are virally spread through social media if they are interesting.

  1. Don’t waste viewers’ time by showing them your or your company’s name or any other credits in the beginning. All such things should go to the end or in a way that doesn’t consumes viewers time. It should immediately focus on the subject. This helps keeping them engaged.I love some music cover singers on YouTube and I have noticed that I, as a user, listen to the ones who don’t talk before and after the music and keep it simple. A lot of them talk about subscribing, clicking their links in description or about their own brand which is annoying when someone just wants to listen the music break-free.
  2. Usually funny short length videos attract users and they spread virally. Such videos are either about your pets sleeping, doing some funny act. This type is applicable on children also. People like to view such videos and it’s easy to share with family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  3. Other videos like help videos or tutorial videos are often searched on YouTube. Such videos include help on installing/uninstalling a software, replacing a flat tire wheel, etc.

Example of an Interesting (Funny) Video

This is the best example of a short length video which is funny, solely owned & no piracy content and gets easily popular through social media like Facebook.

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