Schedule Computer Shutdown

You may have something being downloaded that is going to take another 1 hour and you are so sleepy and you don’t want to keep the computer on further. Or maybe you want to go to sleep with some relaxing music at the same time want that the computer or the laptop shuts down automatically after sometime. You don’t have to worry any longer. Here is the secret:

  1. Use Win+R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type “cmd” without quotes and hit Enter
  3. In the command line window as shown below, type the command as below for shutting down the computer after 5 hour. shutdown /s /t 18000
  4. The number 18,000 is the time in seconds. 18000 seconds means 5 hours (300 minutes).
  5. After executing this command, you will see a notification in the taskbar as below.
  6. To cancel the shutdown, check Cancel Scheduled Shutdown Command

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