Website Marketing

Market your website and share the link with the world. Website marketing is very important if you are focusing on increasing your business or reach to the people.

Website Marketing

You may be having a very good and useful website but if the website is not visible to its users, then you are not really having its worth.

Whenever you create a website or to be specific a page or section within website you are targeting a user group for whom you are creating this website. The targeted group can be any set of users like CEOs of the manufacturing companies, CEOs of the software companies, students from a specific stream (science, commerce, arts, etc), housewives, etc.

Now if your website was created with a specific user set for example housewives and if through a wrong medium it is seen by the students of science background, you have not reached your potential users. The students will just ignore the website or page which is not relevant to them (in this case).

On the other hand, if the website is visited by your targeted users for example housewives. They would want to explore it more and more. If they find it interesting they would also share it with their friends, relatives, etc with the help of social media like Facebook, Google+, etc. Hence, your targeted users are multiplied.

The more visible your website is, the more the chances of it being seen by your targeted users and in case you have a business or an ad on the website or the page, the more you make money through this better visibility.

So having your website advertised at many places is a good idea.

Advertising it at the sites that are more popular will get your site or pages even better visibility. The sites that have categorized listings are more helpful to reach the targeted users.

For example, if a website is listing everything at one place it will be confusing for a user and again the case of a housewife targeted page being shown to a science student will occur. On the contrary, if the webpage or website is advertised where categories are present, it will help users to reach to the section they are interested in.

For example, a science student will never enter the section that is meant for a housewife and the chances of the site or page getting their targeted users increases!