First Google AdSense Cheque

Finally, the day has arrived when I received my First Google AdSense Cheque! Before we go to the amount I received, I would start with my blogging journey so far.


In 2007, I thought of running my own website which would have tips on everything. May it be buying a computer, mobile, television, resolving programming issues, finance, health and all possible domains where users typically look for tips. I wanted to have it like a tips hub (wow the name sounds cool, but that domain is already taken 😉 ) where users can just land up and find everything.

The Past Journey

So I began with a domain I started putting content in flat files without using a CMS. All updates happened manually. I was still not aware of the terms like SEO, CMS, Page Rank, Monetisation, etc. It was a pure social service thought as I never had idea that I can actually make money online when doing the social service.

I later found out that there are various CMS available for free to maintain your website. was then updated with a .Net CMS known as mojoportal. It had quite a lot of useful functionalities which reduce the burden of a webmaster including SEO. It was a good CMS with a limited support.

It went on for a couple of years and then in 2012 I decided to host Easytipsandtricks with WordPress. WordPress statistics say that over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013 on Internet are WordPress managed; which is a huge number and it is still counting! Why would not it be so popular. It is made in such a cool way that you can manage the content, the administration, migration, etc. so easily.

With the WordPress decision to host, it became so easy to update the website from anywhere. That was not enough; for every feature that I could think of was found in plugins like SEO, social plugin, contact forms, etc. There are hell lot of themes available to just install and activate! It made my life so easy without having to bother about the code and programming.

During this phase, I learned that one of a very common mistake I did was having a stop keyword in my domain name easytipsandtricks. It certainly matters for a new baby website that needs to compete with already doing well websites on the Internet.

So I came up with Tipscow as a new short domain name that is easy to remember and is quite unique.

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Tipscow Journey was booked in February 2013 with WordPress as its CMS. Before this I had gained enough knowledge on SEO to at least target a few keywords. And it was pretty simple to migrate the content from older domain to the new domain

All these years I had earned only about 50 dollars in my Google AdSense account (that was approved mid September 2008).

Going forward with Tipscow as a domain name and applying various SEO techniques, curating content, backlinking, sharing, etc. My website started gaining popularity from March 2013. It added another 50 dollars in my account in just 6 months. Below are the spikes and curves of my earning.

From Sep 2008 to Jan 2013, my earnings were around $50. While from February 2013 to 23rd July 2013 it is $50. So what I earned in 6 months is equivalent to the earnings in 4.5 years! Refer the statistics below.

Webhosting Companies I Used and Prefer

I started with hosting on a local company in India. While it went good intially, I started facing problems later with their lack of proper support.

That’s when I decided to move to Godaddy. However, in a couple of months, I noticed that the site speed was not that good and that I was seeing reduced number of visitors. So, I started looking for another company and after reading their reviews and general user experience, 24×7 support, etc I concluded to host my website on Hostgator. I have all my domains registered with Godaddy while web hosting is with Hostgator. Hostgator’s service is so reliable. My website visitors increased that also helped me add to my AdSense earnings. They provided me an unlimited domains hosting in just one account with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting space. I have also heard that Bluehost works on similar lines.

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Google AdSense Earnings till January 2013

Google AdSense Earning till January 2013
Google AdSense Earning till January 2013

Traffic Report from Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Traffic Report Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013
Traffic Report Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Google AdSense Earnings from Feb 2013 to 23rd Jul 2013

Google AdSense Earning Feb 2013 till 23rd July 2013
Google AdSense Earning Feb 2013 till 23rd July 2013

First Google AdSense Cheque

First Google Cheque
First Google Cheque

Finally after the long time, I made earning of $102. Of course the earnings are not that fascinating but this is my first earning ever in my blogging area.

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