Unwanted Characters on Website Page

If you see any unwanted characters on any of your pages on your website, check the encoding of the page. If the encoding is not proper, it may add noisy characters to your pages in website. If the unwanted characters are like , which is called byte order mark (BOM) simply open the page in notepad. Go to menu File>>Save As. In the file save as dialog box select the encoding as ANSI And then save the file with the same name.

Also, if the characters are something else, save the file with the encoding as “iso-8859-1”. And it should work the way you wanted.

If you have some new unwanted characters please post them on this site through ‘Leave a suggestion’ section at bottom of any page.

Upload this modified page to the server or where ever your files are and then check the page again. Try deleting the browser’s cache and check again if it didn’t work for the first time.

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