What’s new in Windows 8

Windows 8 Start screen

Now that we discussed about windows 8 reviews, let’s take a look at the features and what’s new in windows 8.

These are general features of overall Windows 8 offerings. For version comparison, visit comparison page on Microsoft.

What’s New in Windows 8

Start Menu

The Metro Tiled start menu is the main attraction of windows 8. The start menu comprises of Live tiles arranged in metro style.

The live tiles shows the content randomly or latest from the source. For example, it will show you the latest emails subject on the email tile. Similarly, it will show latest unread sms on messaging tile. This feature is cool unlike the static icons.


The messaging can be used as a hub that combines messages from various sources like Facebook, Gmail, Windows live, etc.

Startup / Login

When you start Windows 8, it asks you to start with live account, now known as Microsoft account. If you don’t have an internet connection, you will have an option create a local account.

When you link the Microsoft account, the data like contacts, emails, etc start getting synchronized. You can control what to and what not to synchronize.

Ease of use on multiple computers

If you have multiple computers lets say one at office and other at home, both having Windows 8 and if you access that using same Microsoft account, you don’t have to arrange that again in another PC. It automatically synchronizes the settings. Of course you can control this too.

Internet Explorer

Windows 8 comes with new Internet Explorer 10. The new IE10 is quite fast and responsive. Enhanced privacy, optimized for touch ease-of-use.


There are a lot of apps in the apps store and you can download apps – free and paid. Check out the top must have apps on Windows 8. These apps appear as tiles on the start menu of the new Windows 8. Instantly download new apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Some apps, like People, Mail, and Calendar, are built in to Windows 8 and Windows RT—they’re already on your Start screen when you sign in to your PC. See a list of basic apps that come with your PC.

Corners of the screen

The corners of the screen on Windows 8 are sensitive. Moving mouse on right top or bottom shows the general menu of settings, devices, etc. Touching the left top shows the tabs that are open. The bottom left shows the Desktop on start menu and vice-versa.

Picture Password

The new way of screen lock is a divine feature. You can choose your favorite picture and draw a pattern on it to unlock it. Check the video below to know how to use the picture password.

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