Windows 8 Problems & Drawbacks

I have been using Microsoft Windows 8 for quite sometime now. While I spoke about the goodness of Windows 8 in my posts What’s new in Windows 8 & Windows 8 Reviews, here I come with my views about Microsoft Windows 8 problems or UI Issues. Mainly the issues are with respect to the user interface so far also can be called as the usability issues. As far as functionality is concerned it is working great even on my Windows Vista PC bought in the year 2008.

Microsoft Windows 8 Problems

Shutdown Restart Accessibility

The ShutDown / Restart button is far off. You need to navigate a lot. You need to follow 4 steps to actually shut down using the User Interface. A quick option is to go to the desktop and press CTRL + F4 and then choose from the options (typical Windows shutdown prompt).

Step1 to shutdown

Step2 to shutdown

Step3 to shutdown

Step4 to shutdown

Of course you can create a shortcut on the desktop to enable you to shutdown, restart, hibernate, lock the screen of your Windows 8 without actually navigating too much.

Right-click on your classic desktop, go to New/Shortcut and type in one of the following commands:

Shutdown: shutdown.exe –s –t 00
Restart: shutdown.exe –r –t 00
Hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState
Sleep: rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0
Lock: Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation

To enable a shutdown timer to shutdown after certain period of time, read more at Schedule Windows Computer Shutdown

Name them the way you want and choose icon for each of them from the library. Put them in the folder “%appdata%\microsoft\windows\Start Menu\Programs\” and you should be able to search / find them on your start screen!

The first Screen after login

The default screen that you see is the Start Screen when you sign in. It is true that you would want to open some applications like Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer when you login. However, the tiles that are seen by default are of social media, photos, messages, emails, etc. I always go to the desktop first then open my fav browser from the task bar. Microsoft should track the most used apps and bring them to the start screen so that it is easily accessible and doesn’t any horizontal scrolling.

Misguiding Tiles on Start Menu

The People’s tile, shows the pictures of your friends. Sometimes you see a new picture of a close friend and click on that part of the tile where the picture is appearing “thinking” that it will take you to the friend’s profile directly. However, in reality, it opens the application. This is in a way misguiding user unless the user is really aware of it already. And when you are aware of this fact that it will not take you to your friend’s profile directly, you refrain from clicking on that tile! Yes. It has happened with me quite a lot of times. A picture appeals me to click on it but since I know that I would be taken to the default app not the friend in particular, I avoid clicking it. It is like you are seeing an entrance to a “specific” room, but you hit with a glass door when you actually try to cross the entrance.

Annoying Side Bar Menu

When you are trying to close a window (e.g. a browser), you move your cursor towards the close button on the top right corner. However, when you click, it actually shows up the right opaque bar that contains some quick buttons. Although these buttons are kept on this hover effect to make it easy for users to quickly reach, for example, the settings; it is also a hurdle when you are closing a window. You have to ensure that you dont actually touch the corner to avoid that annoying popup.

closing window in win8 problem

No direct Close Button

You have no close (X) button to close a certain app. You have to have fair knowledge of computer shortcuts like ALT + F4 Keys to close the app.

no close button for windows 8 app win8 problem

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