Aate ka shira – Homemade low calorie Indian desert

Technology can help you do anything. It can not only help you reach your loved ones overseas but also not miss the homemade food that you used to have when you lived with them! Using Skype on my Windows Phone, I did a video chat with my parents and made this delicious low calorie Indian desert at home with instructions from my mom on the Skype call. This desert is called “Aate ka shira” generally but you will find different names as you go from North India to the south and east of india to the west!

How to make low calorie desert called Aate ka shira:

It’s really easy to make with minimum ingredients required. I prefer it plain but you can add cashew nuts, raisins, etc per your choice. 


1 cup wheat floor – I used multi grain wheat floor from an Indian grocery store

1 cup sugar equivalent of your low calorie sweetner. I used Stevia in the raw in powder form.

2 cups water

1 table spoon butter or oil

Procedure to make Aate ka shira:

Heat butter or oil in a pan, then put wheat floor in the hot pan and keep mixing until the wheat floor is roasted brown. Now, heat the water with sugar or low calorie sweetner and as the water starts boiling, start adding roasted wheat floor and keep stirring with a long spoon to avoid burns. Keep the heat medium to the pan and stir until the wheat is mixed properly with the water and feels like a dough. Let it cool down and serve hot or cold! You can add cashews, raisins, etc. in water just before you start adding the wheat floor to the boiling water. Some people like to add butter on the top while serving but it’s not important in case you are a weight watcher.

Feel free to ask any questions in comments below and don’t forget to Tweet a photo of your Aate ka shira with #aatekashira and #adityabajaj (so that I notice it) and post it on this page.

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