Hiking on Tiger Mountain, Issaquah

north seattle from tiger mountain

Summer is here in Seattle and what do you do in Summer? Camping, running, kayaking, paragliding, other outings and hiking! Hiking on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah is equally fun as other sports especially when you are out with some cool friends.

You also have options to paraglide from the top of the Tiger Mountain. Watch the takeoff and landing video on YouTube, I captured.

hiking tiger mountain

We started at around 10.30am on a lovely Saturday morning from Seattle. It took us about 25-30 mins to reach the poo poo point’s parking of the tiger mountain. After taking exit 17, you have to follow the front street for about 3 miles and then you will see a parking lot on the left if you are coming from Capitol Hill in Seattle.

way to tiger mountain issaquah

The parking was free. After we parked and when other friends arrived, 7 of us started to climb the Tiger Mountain in Issaquah. It was fairly an easy hike. It is especially suitable if you are looking for hiking with your dog, kids, grand folks, or want an easy hiking experience, etc.

parking tiger mountain

Since it was seven of us, we felt like reaching the top of the mountain in no time. There are two sides of the mountain when you climb. You will see the beautiful south of Seattle first. At this point, you will also see people paragliding from this side of the mountain. However, you should not stop here. Its hardly any distance to the peak further.

south seattle view from tiger mountain

After a few minutes of walk, you reach the poo poo point of tiger mountain. This is where you will also notice professional arrangement for paragliding like runways, etc. Once you reach the top the main stuff you notice is the paragliding. Paragliding isn’t as costly as it appears to be. In about 12$5-170, you will be able to paraglide with a pilot and will also be able to record your video.

paragliding issaquah

If paragliding is your main focus, ensure that the weather is good, especially the wind. The instructor there was pretty cool and gave us a lot of information about paragliding including weather conditions, risks, time of flight etc.

north seattle from tiger mountain

We were back in about 2.5 hours after spending some time on the Tiger Mountain.

paragliders landing warning for returning hikers

Tips for hiking

  • Carry a water bottle – 1 liter of water is enough for one person.
  • Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns.
  • Wear hiking shoes to resist slippery areas. Hiking or trekking shoes are also helpful when you are climbing down especially the steep slopes.
  • Wear right hiking shoes, carry a backpack, water bottle, little bit stuff to eat like granola bars. Amazon has pretty good deals on these products. Don’t overload yourself than what you will need during the hike though!

Paragliding takeoffs and landing video

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  1. Aha..! Wow. Seems like fun and thrilling experience.
    Paragliding is on my bucket list. Thanks for the post.

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