How to save money in doctors appointment in the U.S. 

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I was pretty sure that I needed to see an E.N.T. Specialist and that’s what I enquired on phone before visiting through a walk in on a weekend. Weekend cost is higher in general and this was a walkin appointment.

The nurse checked in I told her it was a deviated septum problem and she said she will have to word it like “congestion” in the nose for the doctor to examine. Then the doctor came in used some microscope and inserted in my nostrils and said there’s a swelling (i knew it was a deviated septum) and that she recommends me to see an E.N.T. specialist (i knew in advance). She said that she will prescribe me some antibiotics just to avoid what she referred to as swelling. Walking to the hospital was mere a waste of time and money.

How to save money if you want to see a doctor?

First things first if you are unsure of your medical illness just go and see a doctor as applicable. But if you are sure like in my case and if you are sure which specialist to see call them and make sure that they have the specialist available to solve your medical problem. They should not just make you walk in and pay for giving another reference! Funny story is that I am writing this post while the doctor is getting me the prescription for today’s checkup!

Wish everyone a good health!

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