Indian Rail Train Position Online – Train Running Information

Do away with the hassle of contacting Railway inquiry office or standing in the long queue to ask a simple question about your train position or the train status.

Problem faced finding Train position

Once we travelled to the station all the way from home only to realize that the train was cancelled due to the railway track problem near Wardha. Had we known that there is a trusted source of information we can rely on, we would have saved our loads of time and efforts of travel. It seems risky to trust a website saying that your train is 8 hours delayed or cancelled altogether. This is mainly because we don’t know any official trusted sources for this information.

Find Train Position Online

However, there exists a site that allows you to track your train’s status. With this site, you save loads of trouble if the train is not starting from or arriving to the station at right time.

finding trains online

After looking on this site we saw that site the train is delayed by 8 hours, we verified through some contacts who were closing working with railway department and it was found that the site gives you real and correct status information of the train.

If, for example, your kids are travelling and you don’t want to disturb them again and again by calling and asking if they reached you can simply search the train on the site and track the train’s position.

The search is quite cool, you can search your train by number or just a few words of the train’s name. It will show you results in seconds and you can choose further.

The site URL is

Tips to Find Indian Rail Train Running Information

If you are unable to search your train by the name you know, try to break the name e.g. Garibrath is searched with “garib rath” (with space)

Alternatively you can just put the end cities in the search for example Nagpur Pune and you should see all the trains, then select your train and find its status.

Train position on Rail Radar – Map view

active train status

If you would like to explore more, the railradar subsite shows you the live running trains map in India. It’s super cool.

running trains map india

Running Trains Live Map – India View

running trains map state

Running Trains Live Map – State View

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  1. Wow. This was very useful. I have been using IRCTC APP and there it goes all. Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

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