Kayaking in Seattle – A well spent Sunday afternoon!

Racked Kayaks

It was Sunday morning and I would have given up on Kayaking that weekend unless a friend had pinged me and asked me about my Sunday afternoon plans. We were only discussing and the plan which had almost sunk in the South Lake Union of Seattle actually began to float! We decided that we meet at South Lake Union for kayaking in an hour! Needless to say that I got super excited!

The canceled plan of Kayaking due to wrong weather forecast on Saturday, actually made my and my friend’s Sunday afternoon better than was previously thought!

Kayaking is a good exercise mixed with awesome fun. You can choose to kayak by yourself or have a partner along with you. Although we were two, we chose to rent out two single kayaks.

I called up the Moss Bay kayak rentals and checked with them if I needed to make any reservations. But the manager told me that they serve it on first come first serve basis and I did not need to make reservation. He also suggested that I wear synthetic clothes which dry quickly so I packed the shorts, a tee, a hand towel and shades and was on my way to South Lake Union in Seattle.

The beautiful scenery around will cheer you up!

Beautiful Scene with Kayak on a dock and Ships

It was a good sunny Sunday afternoon and thanks to my friend who had covered the sunscreen for me too 🙂

Kayaking is fairly simple. You just have to sit in the kayak with a paddle and a life jacket and just start paddling and you will know! While Kayaking I saw a lot of ships, seaplanes, houses floating on the sea around, a museum and also the Gas Works Park in Seattle. Kayaking close to the big ships was an experience, really!

Ships on South Lake Union Seattle

Kayaking tips

If you are planning a day of Kayaking, here are some quick tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the weather is good.
  • Search for places around for kayaking – I thought I had to travel miles and change buses 1000 times but thanks to Bing Maps that I was able to locate the kayaking spot just 0.9 mile away!
  • Call the chosen place to check availability, prices, etc.
  • Wear short synthetic clothes so they dry up quickly.
  • Carry a hand towel, shades, sunscreen, water bottle, cap etc. If you are a music freak, you might also want to carry a waterproof carry case for your phone that can fit on your arms.
  • They usually provide open shelves to keep your stuff but valuable stuff must be carried by you or it will be at your own risk. You will be getting a drive-in bag that you can use to keep your wallet/purse, watch, camera, mobile and keys. It gets locked waterproof. So, you’re all set!

If you go for Kayaking frequently, consider options to own a Kayak than renting it every time you go. Pretty good Kayak buying deals are available on Amazon.

While I was waiting for the friend to arrive, I shot this video of the seaplane landing on the lake at the South Lake Union, Seattle. Watch it below 😀

Happy Kayaking!

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