Tips for Mangi Tungi hike near Pune-Nashik

Mangi Tungi, Maharashtra, India aerial view of mountain

By Rahul Bajaj

Tips for planning Mangi Tungi, Jain Tirth visit

Mangi Tungi (MT) is one of the best places to visit and get blessed especially those who love hiking. This place is located in Tahrabad which is about 125 km from Nashik City in Maharashtra.

Let me share my personal visit experience with you. I went with my family and started my journey from Talegaon Dabhade (Pune district) in my car in the morning at 11:30 am and reached Mangi Tungi at 7 pm in the evening. I recommend you if you are travelling from Pune start a little early like 8-9 am as you get enough time for roaming around and take rest post dinner. You will get four tolls in between Pune and Mangi Tungi. Try to reach Mangi Tungi by 6-7 pm. Check your estimated time on Google Maps for Mangi Tungi. If you are travelling with other mode of transport like train or bus then arrive at Nashik city and from there you have an option to hire a cab or a Local bus (bus takes around 3 hours to reach Mangi Tungi)

  1. Important tips on travel by Car – Get enough petrol and have some cash in hand. You will come across three small villages from Nashik like Malsane, Deola and Satana. The road is little rough after Deola village. You need to take a left turn from Satana road (the welcome board of Mangi Tungi is displayed beside the road. Calculate your fuel consumption with an easy formula (total km / mileage of your vehicle) = no of liters of fuel required. Multiply it with per liter rate and you will have total amount of fuel spend.
  2. Stay at Dharmashala – There are two dharmashalas at Mangi Tungi. One is when you take left from the Satana road named Shree Gyan Mata Mandir. Room charges AC = INR 500 /-, Non AC = INR 400 /-. You can book it through Mangi Tungi website or call the guy for pre-booking questions.There are rooms available in Mangi Tungi itself. Hot water (through common boiler) is available at Dharmashala. Mattress, two bed cots with pillows and four blankets are available. Per room capacity is 5 people. Each room is attached with a toilet and bathroom inside separately (beware of mosquitoes). I recommend you stay back near Mangi Tungi Dharmashala as it is convenient to reach the mountain as Shree Gyan Mata Dharmashala is only 6 km away from Mangi Tungi.
  3. Glimpse and timings for overall trek – Basically you should start as early as possible so you will have lesser exposure to sunny weather post 8:30 am. I recommend to start at 5 am. The mountains are 2 km away from main the dharmashala. You will get a shuttle service every 10 minutes from Dharmashala (Rs 20 per person, to and fro). You can get the coupons from Dharmashala itself.
    • Start at 5 am
    • Climb till Mangigiri around 800 steps (approx. timings 1.5 hours)
    • And then start climbing Tungigiri which will take additional one hour to go and come back to Rishabhgiri.
    • Rishabhgiri is having 108 foot tall Lord Rishabh bhagwanji. There is lift which will take you to Rishabhgiri after you walk for a 800 steps (approx.)
    • You will complete the entire route of Mangi Tungi trek in 5 to 6 hours.
    • Come down at Rishabhgiri and get a coupons for cabs (Rs 50 per person) which goes to a point where your first coupons (Rs 20 per person ) will take you back to Dharmshala. At this location only 4 wheel drives are allowed or you have another option to get down through steps. I recommend you get down via vehicle as it will save time.
    • Dollys are available for the entire trek for Rs 3,800 per person and baby carriers person are also available for Rs 700 per head.

Arrive at the cab point A. Start climbing from here. Reach D (Junction). Start climbing Mangi and reach B. Climb Down to D and climb to Tungi C. Go back to D and arrive at E which is Rishabhgiri. Go back to Dharmashal via Cab which is available at Rishabhgiri.

Monkeys are your friends – Beware of monkeys! This warning is applicable only if you start teasing them. You can carry shoulder bags and keep your valuables inside (*Mobile phone if really required is to be kept inside the pocket). No small hanging bags are recommended as these monkeys try to draw the bags and take away with them. Do not carry mobile phone, money, or other valuables in these bags. Keep some cash in your own pockets.

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  1. Very helpful post. Tx,

  2. This is an amazing trek. Start early at 5 am and the entire Mangi+Tungi+Rishabhgiri trek is completed by 10:30 am. One of the best experience to visit this place. Life time experience. If you are visiting this place via Nashik city then you should visit Jain temple in Gajpanth Area.. a must visit place as well. Cheers 😉

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