My UK Visa Application Experience

Let me start with the bottom line of this article: the experience with UK visa consulate was very frustrating and annoying. If you are planning to go to UK, have a few months in hand so you can at least hope that something will happen.

The UK visa site is misleading. It mentions 5 business days processing time for 100% completion, forums mention 13 business days and yet one can only hope of getting the visa in time especially if the travel date is within a week despite submitting the documents over a month ago.

My connecting flight is via London so I thought of taking a longer layover to enjoy the city of London for a day. And now when I am a week away from my travel, I will have to be cooked at the airport for 22 hours! A simple visitor in transit visa is taking so long.

I patiently waited for about 25 days but now when my travel date is coming closer, I was getting nervous and anxious that I might have to change my travel plan altogether since I don’t have my passport with me. I called up the customer care at UK and he confirmed that my visa isn’t ready so I decided to withdraw my application. The customer care executive was pretty nicely talking to me. I read on forums that others users had a bad experience and I believe that is because they were asking questions which were beyond the scope of the executive.

To withdraw, you need to call the customer care or if you have time you can probably email them and wait for the instructions. I was getting impatient so I called up the customer care on their UK number from Seattle, WA, USA. Waited for about 15 mins on an international call and finally was connected to the executive. I received the instructions to cancel in about 5 mins after the call. Now, eagerly waiting to hear from them and for my passport.

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