[Resolved] Static page setting missing in WordPress Reading settings (with pictures)

no static page option in reading settings of wordpress

Problem: Missing “Your homepage displays” option under WordPress Settings >> Reading

Impact: The missing option is prohibiting you from selecting a custom or static homepage or your latest posts.

Reason – no public page available

That your site has no pages or no pages that are publicly visible. While I was doing some maintenance, I either deleted some public pages or made them private to finish drafting. Then, I forgot to make it public when the home page was ready for public.

No public page available in Pages

Resolution steps: Ensure that you have a page that is publicly available

  1. Go to http://<your domain>/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page
  2. Either create a new public page or click edit for one of the pages that is ready to be made public
  3. In the publish option, change visibility to public
  4. Click OK and then Update
    change page from private to public then publish
  5. Then go to the settings and you will see the option to select a static page or your latest posts option.
    Go to Reading Settings page and you will see your homepage displays option


Feel free to put a comment below if you are still running into an issue and we will solve your issue together.

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