Why Prefer Subdirectory WordPress Multisite

I use to get a lot of (at least) impressions for a keyword television on this blog. So I decided that I would rather make subdomains for this category so I had created WordPress multisite with multiple subdomains including tv.adityabajaj.com (non-existent now), etc. With this setup, however, the impressions came down so there was no way for me to improve the conversion rate but changing from subdomains to subdirectory WordPress Multisite seems to be working!

Also, while building the backlinks, i realized that subdomains were not being given much importance and only the main domain’s backlinks were working for the organic search.

So, I changed the URL structure from subdomains to subdirectory of this WordPress Multisite. Now, I don’t have to worry about backlinking different domains. Alone, tipscow.com would help me build the rapport. I wrote the article steps for changing Multisite WordPress blog from subdomains to subdirectory.

I would be glad to discuss if you have any other point of views.

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