Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter on Windows 10

apple usb to ethernet adapter on Windows

No kidding, I spent so much time to find drivers for “reusing” my Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter on Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I got so frustrated that I randomly downloaded something from a site and ended up catching a virus so I had to reset my surface. Thankfully it was new so there was no loss except a little bit of time.

I trust my online search capabilities and wasn’t ready to give up and finally found the drivers on Apple site itself.

TIP: Never download a driver software unless it is from the company’s actual site.

To finally make the Apple USB-Ethernet adapter work on a Windows machine, follow the steps below. After the installation you will see the WiFi converted into a wired network icon in your task bar! That’s what relieved me when I executed these steps.

How to make Apple USB-Ethernet adapter work on Windows 10

You can also find software drivers on Apple support link below for all Apple products and software.

1. Go to
2. Download latest Boot Camp Support Software package (Note that their site says that it is for Windows on Mac, but actually it is for Windows on any machine – hence it works!)
3. Extract the files into a folder and then go to Boot Camp/Drivers/ASIX (Don’t try to run setup file that is present in the package – it will only give you error that it is not supported on this type of machine).
4. Once you run the AsixSetup64.exe file, you will see that your Apple USB to Ethernet adaptor is detected and you are connected to wired network through your Ethernet LAN cable.

Why I needed to connect Wired instead of Wireless?

My Linksys router sucks, the connection drops frequently, I don’t get right speed and these two issues frustrate me. So, wired connection mostly guarantees a better connection speed hence faster downloads and browsing speed.fixed apple usb to ethernet adapter on Windows in device manager

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  1. maurine dela cerna | February 19, 2020 at 2:31 pm | Reply


  2. Thanks, very helpful !!

  3. Awesome my friend, thank you!
    Referencing a trusted site in your solution gets you extra credit, security gold star for you 🙂

  4. thanks so much worked for me. It was working around Jan 9/10th 2019, then I think an update from Windows (I maybe wrong) make it stop working. Following your instructions I got it back on as of Jan 15, 2019. My laptop is ASUS VivoBook S and running Windows 10, V1803 with latest security update on Jan 9, 2019.

    Hope helps more people.

  5. Steps 100% easy to follow and spot on. Worked on first try!
    Thank you!

  6. Great Help thank you!

  7. This worked flawlessly on my Acer laptop running Win 10. Thank you very much!

  8. it really worked…thank you so much

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